5.56 Military Brass - 1000 Pieces

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5.56 Military Brass - 1000 Pieces
  Brass is once fired military auction brass in excellent condition. Appears to be predominantly Lake City (as of 07/07/2015) but may contain other government contract brass. Brass has been cleaned and hand sorted but is otherwise unprocessed. Primer pockets are crimped. Boxer primed. Hand sorted and extras included with each order.

See Video Below on Proper Re-sizing

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5.56 Military Brass - 1000 Pieces
This brass is cleaned, once fired, military auction brass. Appears to be predominantly Lake City but may contain other government contract brass. We use a dust-free cleaning process that polishes the cases and removes dirt, sand or other foreign matter. The brass is hand sorted to remove unserviceable pieces and extra brass is included to cover any damaged pieces missed during the inspection process.
Can be loaded with our selection of .223 bullets.

Customer Reviews

You can't get any better than this... Review by Mike
Overall Rating
These guys are by far the best guys to buy from. My order only had two cases that were unusable, but there were extras as usual. I've been buying here for years, and have never had a problem.. (Posted on 8/23/15)
Lots of brass Review by FOX
Overall Rating
I will buy again. Way over 1,000. I did have about 30 smashed up bad could not fix them. I'm having fun that's all that matters. Keep that brass ready ....Thank You for your Services EVERGLADES. (Posted on 8/16/15)
Great brass--GREAT SERVICE--Thanks !! Review by Logsplit
Overall Rating
Great brass with extra that more than covers the few bent ones in this batch. Very clean and exactly as described!! Thank you!! (Posted on 8/3/15)
Great quality brass and outstanding customer service Review by Gary
Overall Rating
Everglade Ammo, Dave and Steve, have bent over backwards to help me with any issues related to my orders.

Just today I forget to add a discount code for 25 percent off. Steve replied to my emails right away and cancelled my order and told me how to get the discount. No waiting he just did.

Where do you get service like this? Everglades Ammo.

As an Engineer I am very picky and the quality of the brass they sell is outstanding no question that it's only fired once as the serrations are visible at the end of the necks of the brass.

They always answer my questions and give me advice as to improve my efforts in reloading. Heck they even make videos on sizing the brass. I only wish more companies were as honest and forthcoming as Dave and Steve.

Hope them nothing but great success as they have earned it in my opinion.

Thank You,
Gary (Posted on 7/31/15)
All is well. Very Pleased! Review by Tom
Overall Rating
Order was filled on the day ordered and arrived day 3 after that. I didn't make a count - not going to count 1000 of them! I loaded them into plastic bags and found only one that was really crunched. I'm sure there were other stamps, but all I saw was LC. All were in good condition - no badly tarnished ones. :) (Posted on 7/23/15)
great business Review by Tyler
Overall Rating
I ordered the brass and bullet combo. Had a few bad cases. They were quick to correct the problem. No reason to go anywhere else for your reloading needs. (Posted on 6/12/15)
6000 5.56 brass Review by Layton
Overall Rating
All 3 shipments have been delivered in good shape, and as usual, the brass looks good. (Posted on 6/3/15)
223 brass Review by Layton
Overall Rating
2nd package of 2000 223 brass arrived and the packaging was in good shape, the brass was also in good shape. (Posted on 6/2/15)
5.56 bulk brass Review by max
Overall Rating
Very fast shipping, came clean and dry. 1039 pc. total. After sorting and resizing had 1020 pcs. that were excellent, 17that were questionable, and 2 crushed necks. Will buy more in the future. (Posted on 5/14/15)
Great buy! Review by Robert
Overall Rating
My order arrived quickly. Sorting showed there were 938 LC and 60 TAA cases plus a few WCC, PMJ & PSD, plus one blank round! After culling 10 cases with crushed necks I still received 1006 cases. I'll definitely be ordering again. (Posted on 5/2/15)
A bit disappointed Review by Robin
Overall Rating
This is about by 6th order of 5.56 brass. All previous orders I was amazed at the quality, this is once fired and not new? 5 Star quality easily.

Guess the law of averages caught up with me. Out of 1,000 pieces about 2 dozen had mouths severely smashed, a few I was able to save using needle-nose pliers.

Another 18 or so would not accept a primer, even after swagging them twice (primer pocket undersized). These 18 were all WCC head stamped.

Overall 30 to40 pieces were unusable. 4 Stars this time. If this had been my first order 3 Stars.

**** EvergladesAmmo Note - Sorry for the problem with the brass. We can send more brass with your next order or right away. Just let us know. (Posted on 4/24/15)
A good buy ! Review by LHFLA
Overall Rating
Brass arrived quick and in great shape. The brass was cleaner than expected and there were very few pieces that could not be used. The extra brass included with the order made up for those discarded. Most of my order was LC brass. I would order from these guys again. Nice to get a good product at a fair price. (Posted on 4/17/15)
Good stuff!! Review by Bluetickhound
Overall Rating
Got my order today and the SS109 and .357 brass are perfect! The 1000 rounds of .223 range brass haven't been completely sorted yet but everything looks good so far. A couple of clinkers but that's to be expected and although I haven't counted it out it appears as though there is a gracious plenty more than 1000 pieces of brass here. This was my first order from Everglades but you can rest assured it won't be my last! I already passed the word to a local gunshop owner who has been looking for brass to keep in his inventory. He has always been really good about keeping things in stock when nobody else has them. Thanks again Everglades!! (Posted on 4/3/15)
Looks good! Review by Robert A
Overall Rating
Just received 1k 5.56 fast shipment , came before my other items ordered from other companies for firearms. Will be back once reloading of received components begins.
Thanks Everglades Ammo !

Mustang Arms Unlimited LLC
Robert (Posted on 3/28/15)
Simply The Best Review by Coyotejoe
Overall Rating
2 orders of 1000 and 1 order of 2000 haven't found any that aren't Lake City or are unusable. Come clean and shiny. Last order was shipped immediately but didn't arrive on time. Wrote to the good people at Everglades and was reassured that it was probably weather problems. Arrived the next day, these people are simply the best. (Posted on 3/18/15)
Very pleased with this brass Review by metalman69125
Overall Rating
I received a total of 1,021 pieces, out of that I have 992 in excellent condition, 10 were definitely non recoverable, and 19 are in the questionable pile, but overall pleased with the order. (Posted on 3/14/15)
Good brass Review by CI
Overall Rating
I ordered 2000 5.56 brass. I thought there would be mostly lake city brass ended up being about 50/50 lake city& taa .and 19 assortment of different makes & 2 that could not be used. I could see moisture in the bags when the package arrived. Brass looked great after I tumbled them. Look out for rocks when resizing. (Posted on 3/11/15)
Quick efficient delivery Review by Kevin
Overall Rating
Bought these to stash for a rainy day. Delivered quick and packaged well. Keeping Everglades on my favorites list! (Posted on 3/3/15)
ss109 projectiles Review by dan
Overall Rating
Just wanted to say thanks on notifying me when ss109 came in. Order arrived timely as usual and in excellent condition. Have lake city brass prepped and ready to load next week. Usually don't load this projo, but since our dear leader says we shouldn't have them I thought I should get some. Thanks again for the usual great service. Hope I can get more later! Dan (Posted on 2/28/15)
Very pleased! Review by Warthog1
Overall Rating
Fast shipping. Quality brass. No complaints. (Posted on 2/26/15)
Update, they made it right Review by Papo
Overall Rating
Everglades sent me replacements for what I thought was excessive damaged cases. I'll be back when these are gone. Great customer care. Thank you! (Posted on 2/26/15)
Great deal Review by Ray
Overall Rating
Bullets arrived in two days and are now out of stock. Great looking product as expected from Everglades. Wish I had ordered more with the BATFE scare in progress. (Posted on 2/26/15)
Meh Review by Papo
Overall Rating
860 good pieces. 50 more I will try and recover. Threw away about 130 with crushed case mouth beyond recovery. Must be getting to the bottom of the barrel. Not as nice as my first purchase. ****EvergladesAmmo Note - Please contact Us - That is not up to standard and we would like to send you replacements. (Posted on 2/18/15)
**** Review by GD
Overall Rating
Ordered 1000 rounds of 5.56 brass on Tuesday and received on Saturday in excellent condition. The brass was clean, shiny, and ready for final prep. Less than five pieces not useable. The one disappointment, however, was although the description did list that the brass was predominately LC and TAA, I assumed by the majority of the reviews that most of the brass would be LC not the bargain brass TAA from Taiwan. Have since read some good things about TAA, so will give it a try. Yes I would order from Everglades again, but would want to know what I am getting. **** EvergladesAmmo Note - Please always refer to the current product description for the headstamp mix. We go through lots of this brass and it can change from container to container. We do our best to keep the description accurate to what is currently shipping. We have used a lot of the TAA and it is good brass. (Posted on 2/1/15)
Good product, packaging could be better Review by Polaris
Overall Rating
Just ordered 1K 5.56. Based on other reviews, I was expecting mostly LC. The first 100 I sampled were 43 TAA, 38 LC 09 and 18 LC 11 with one .223rem Lapua commercial (wonder how that ended up on a govt firing range?!). I'm OK with the mix. The TAA actually sized easier and appears to be better annealed and weighs more consistently than the LC. All was in fine condition. Box was a bit mangled, fortunately it was heavily taped. Lack of a plastic liner would have been an issue if shipment had gotten wet. Fortunately it was too cold for the snow on my roof to melt and drip on it. Othewise great product. (Posted on 1/23/15)
Good job gents Review by William
Overall Rating
Well I ordered 1000 pieces of 5.56 brass and the bullets to match. The brass is awesome guys. Mostly LC brass and very few TAA. I have only inspected the first bag of 500. Out of those 551 sent only 9 were unserviceable. If I could deduct half a star I would since the ziplock bags fell apart as I removed them from the box. No worries though I told my girlfriend she has to start somewhere if she wants to learn to reload. Good job guys on shipping quickly all the way to Cody Wyoming. Expect more of my business as soon as I reload these 1000. Semper Fi (Posted on 1/13/15)
GREAT BRASS Review by rmast
Overall Rating
This is great brass mostly LC and a few TAA mixed in. I ordered 1000 on Thursday evening and they arrived the following Tuesday in a flat rate box. This military brass is heavy and thick walled, it can be trimmed and reloaded many times. To those that are worried about small dents just resize and shoot them the dents will be gone. (Posted on 1/1/15)
Great products-Great to deal with Review by "I'LL BE BACK!"
Overall Rating
I have purchased from EVERGLADES twice now. Their MIL brass is top notch, and at an excellent price, BAR NONE. Cleaned well and in very good condition. I have had some MIL brass that had been through H&K's and AR's on hand that was in really 'ratty shape compared to these casings.
Shipping clear across the country is a couple of days... These People are AMAZING!
Thanks (Posted on 12/23/14)
Recent order Review by Dave
Overall Rating
I ordered 2000 pcs and received 2049. Almost all were LC 2011 with stab crimp. 30 were misc LC. 7 of the cases were not useable. Very pleased with purchase. Thanks Everglades. (Posted on 11/29/14)
Well Pleased Review by Loadinator
Overall Rating
I've dealt with many other reloading folks online but have never been so totally pleased. These guys are GOOD! Very trustworthy. "I'll be back". (Posted on 11/21/14)
Everglades Rocks! Review by Ernie
Overall Rating
Have ordered .308 Win and 5.56 brass MULTIPLE TIMES!

Never disappointed! Great brass at fantastic prices!...Come to think of it...I need more! LOL
(Posted on 11/8/14)
Awesome!!! Review by Craig
Overall Rating
Great service, great products, faaaaaaast shipping! (Posted on 10/24/14)
another nice buy... Review by Papo
Overall Rating
I purchased this on a Friday and it arrived on Saturday, thanks and WOW!!
It was all Lake City 09 or 13. I sorted out the 910 perfect cases from those that had any dents or case mouth deformation. Then I went through those and got just over 100 more that ironed out nicely with a sizing die. Two good buys out of two from Everglades, I'll be back.
(Posted on 10/6/14)
Excellent service, fast shipping. Review by Bob
Overall Rating
I was surprised to receive the order so quickly, living In Hawaii, orders normally take several weeks if not more. Thanks for the excellent service. After looking at the flat rate box, I noticed instead of a square box, it was round in shape. It's a good thing the outside of the box was taped completely because, when I opened it, all four plastic bags were broken and the 2000 shells were out. I went through all the shells and found 736 with dents and smashed necks,157 unusable, and 8 waa and taa shells. The rest of the shells were excellent with outstanding finish. In summary, product quality is excellent but shipping and packing method needs improvement. I will go through the 736 shells and possibly use them in making 300 blackout. I like the service and product and will definitely order again. Thank you. *** EvergladesAmmo Note - Sorry the package arrived in such poor shape. Sometime USPS beats the heck out of them. If an order is ever short of good, usable brass, we will take care of it. Just let us know and we will gladly replace any damaged or unusable brass at no cost to you. (Posted on 10/4/14)
Looks like brand new brass Review by Jim
Overall Rating
My first review on 12/5/13, I stated I would be a repeat customer.
Just received my second order of 5.56 brass, 5 stars again........ will be ordering .308 brass soon......Thanks guys........ (Posted on 8/26/14)
Customer Service Review by Jerry
Overall Rating
I'm not real big on offering reviews, but with the service your company provides, I felt compelled to do so. When the mail person beeped the horn in the driveway today I would have never thought it was my order. My only concern is that you have BUGGED my loading room, and had my order sitting on the counter waiting for USPS before I even placed the order. VERY WELL DONE GENTLEMEN. Not my first order, and certainly not my last. Thanks, will refer everyone I can to your company. (Posted on 8/4/14)
Best 5.56 mil brass I've seen in a LONG time Review by Dusty Carr
Overall Rating
Ordered 1000 pieces and expected arsenals and dates to be all over the map.
Not only was this brass shiny enough to resize out of the carton, but ALL of the brass was either LC05 or LC13. Needless to say, sorting this was a breeze. On top of this, shipping turnaround was warp speed and free shipping.
No grungy cases. No scratches at all. I wish that I had ordered another 2000. I will order 2000 as soon as I can sneak the carton past my wife :)
A shame that I can only give 5 stars. (Posted on 7/10/14)
5.56 Military Brass Review by yooper
Overall Rating
Ordered 5000 PCs I can't ask for better service. Brass was clean and shipping was fast. Will buy again in the future. I am very pleased. (Posted on 7/3/14)
Purchased several times Review by reloader123
Overall Rating
Every time I received a great quality product. Thanks. (Posted on 7/2/14)
Great product! Review by Vernon
Overall Rating
Fast shipping, good price, good seller. Ordered this brass after reading the reviews and after working with it and checking it out I am very pleased. All looks like lake city brass, very clean. I will be buying more soon! (Posted on 6/26/14)
Awesome should have bought 2. Review by Jeremy
Overall Rating
99% LC super fast shipping. This is my second order and I definitely be ordering again.
(Posted on 6/23/14)
Great quality Review by Craig
Overall Rating
The brass and bullets from Everglades is of great quality, have not had any issues with these supplies and will be ordering more soon. They also have extremely good customer service! Keep up the good work! (Posted on 6/17/14)
Brass so good I had to buy more Review by Gary
Overall Rating
I bought 5000 of these 5.56 Lake City brass last week. I started processing them and after getting though about 1/2 of them, I thought to myself when do you see brass this nice for this price? The answer was never, so I order another 5000 cases for $395.00

I have buying brass and bullets from Steve and Dave for a couple years now. They are both trustworthy and very knowledgeable.

Who else takes the time and effort to make a video showing how to properly size the brass they sell? They are not take the money and run business men. They will get back with you within a day if you have any questions or issues. They are very fair and reasonable people and I trust them totally.

I am a retired engineer and I measure and double check every bullet I make. From working with 5.56 bullets for about 3 years. I found Dave and Steve are the only source I use now for cases. I can't find anyone that has better, higher quality or lower prices than Dave and Steve.

I hope these guys stay in business many years as they are my source for anything to do with bullets. Thank you both Steve and Dave. If I ever get to Florida I would like to shake your hand and personally.

Gary D

****EvergladesAmmo Note - Gary, thank you for the very nice compliments. We hope to be around for a long time and certainly appreciate all of your business. (Posted on 6/8/14)
Top Quality Brass in a Flash Review by FUAC in NY
Overall Rating
This is my 4th or 5th order. The Brass is clean, quality with very few rejects. I usually receive over the amount and its all good head stamps. I recommend you to everyone I know that shoots. Thanks! (Posted on 5/29/14)
5.56 LC Military Brass, 1000 Pieces Review by Nomad
Overall Rating
FAST shipping, Great deal. I have ordered from Everglades before and can say their products are the best ! Brass was in really great shape, can't wait to start reloading.
Thanks Again (Posted on 4/10/14)
Awesome Review by c
Overall Rating
Can't ask for more. Came quick and are all in awesome shape. Nice and clean also. A+ I'll be ordering more. (Posted on 4/9/14)
5.56mm brass Review by dogger
Overall Rating
I like people who say it like it is and that's what Everglades did. They have my future business and I will refer people their way.

(Posted on 4/8/14)
First time buyer Review by DXR175
Overall Rating
This was my first order and I can't say enough about the quality and service either. Hassle free 1000 piece order cleaned. Received 1021 pieces. 248 pieces of which are TAA, the rest is all LC. There isn't one case in the lot not usable. (Posted on 4/6/14)
223 brass Review by Southtexasgringo
Overall Rating
Received my brass in two or three days, I was surprised to see that the brass had been tumbled already! (Posted on 4/5/14)
Great ammo Review by Ruttingbullelk
Overall Rating
By far the best once fired brass you will find. Only a few bad pieces with more than enough extra to make up for them. (Posted on 3/4/14)
awsome buy Review by valhalla
Overall Rating
Shipping was fast. Great price. my new favorite company. Only had a few cases I had to throw out and 1 that was berdan not box but no big deal. (Posted on 3/2/14)
Outstanding Review by Silntrob
Overall Rating
Super fast shipping. Just a few bad ones in 1k but more than enough extras to make up for it can't wait to start reloading (Posted on 3/1/14)
One word - Awesome! Review by Cxk5075
Overall Rating
From the quality of the brass to the quick shipping these guys do everything right! (Posted on 1/19/14)
Trust the reviews Review by George
Overall Rating
I ordered on Monday, got an email same day confirming shipment, received on Thursday.....in Iowa. Brass is clean and in very good shape. This company has 5 star reviews for a reason!! (Posted on 1/10/14)
Great Deal Review by Ron
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 cases, I got 1040 cases. I didn't find any unusable. I'll will order more stuff. Got it in 2 days! (Posted on 12/29/13)
Good brass, excellent price Review by Jeremy
Overall Rating
Brass arrive quickly even though the holidays. 2000 pieces of brass I received was about 75% WCC (Winchester) rest was mostly lake city about 500 total pieces. The only gripe I have is the WCC brass has an astounding number or split neck cases, in my case it doesn't matter as I am converting them to 300 blk cases but I have about 70 pieces out of the first 500 cases that would be scrap otherwise. With all the extra cases I'm not really worried about the count. I will definitely be buying again. ****EvergladesAmmo Note - Split necks are rare in Military Brass but we have seen some in this particular container. We are sorting this brass extra well to cull the split necks so it should not be a problem going forward. If anyone has received an excessive number of split cases (more than the extras we send), please contact us and we will send replacement brass. (Posted on 12/27/13)
Excellent product and quick delivery.....will order again. Review by Bob
Overall Rating
Very pleased with the product. Majority of the brass is Lake city with 10 and 11 stamp. Had a couple hundred stamped 07 to 09 and another hundred with 02 to 06. Had 30 WCC and 39 TAA with one 223 and 28 bad and bent casing for a total of 990 good ones. Although it wasn't 1000, it is still a very good buy and will be ordering again soon. (Posted on 12/23/13)
Excellent Product, Fast Shipping Review by Jeff
Overall Rating
This was my first purchase but it won't be my last. The 5.56 brass looks great and it arrived very quickly after ordering. Thank you for a great product and great service. (Posted on 12/18/13)
Looks like brand new brass Review by Jim
Overall Rating
5 STARS on my order of 5.56 brass. 1st time customer will be repeat customer........... Thanks for the 1st class product and speedy shipping. (Posted on 12/5/13)
Very good Review by D. Pat
Overall Rating
Excellent shipping
Brass very good
after sorting no bad .223 1 .308

Thanks (Posted on 11/21/13)
Best Brass For The Price! Review by billt
Overall Rating
Just received 2,000 5.56 MM cases. Nice and clean packaged in 500 round plastic bags. Good price and received it in just 48 hours from Florida to Arizona. Will be buying more! (Posted on 11/15/13)
Great stuff. Great service Review by Kirk
Overall Rating
Ordered brass delivered extremely quickly. Great brass. Small glitch on order. Handled problem quickly with great communications and very professionally. I could not be more pleased with my decision to go with Everglades Ammo. I will look to Everglades first, whenever I need the products they offer. (Posted on 11/10/13)
Best Price Anywhere / Best Brass Anywhere Review by Douglas
Overall Rating
Spend your money here folks, you cannot find a better deal anywhere!!! (Posted on 11/7/13)
Good stuff Review by Chris
Overall Rating
Had a few bad pieces. No biggie. Still ended up with more than 1000. Fast shipping. Brass was super clean. (Posted on 11/6/13)
Recommended it to my son Review by Sarge
Overall Rating
Ordered, received, finish processed (lubed, re-sized, de-capped, reamed primer pockets, trimmed to length, cleaned), smiled a lot, told my son about Everglades. All within a week. (Posted on 11/3/13)
I challenge you to find a better deal !!!!!!! Review by Roy
Overall Rating
I purchased 2000 rounds of LC 556, received it before I was expecting it, lucky I was home. Only a hand full of rejects, with plenty of extras. I will be ordering more.....this is like Christmas for me.... Outstanding brass, I will be ordering some 9mm as well. (Posted on 10/29/13)
Best once fired brass you can buy Review by Gary
Overall Rating
Everglades sells brass that you can see has only been used once as the end of the brass still has the manufacturing saw tooth cut evident

I am a retired engineer and looked at this brass very close.

Additionally and more important the brass length far exceeds the min . This is very important to get bullet length correct and to fit the cannelure.

I have bought brass from others and found almost half of the .233 casings under then min length of 1.750" some as short as 1.720" range.

Finally, if you have any issues both Steve and Dave will spend a lot of time and effort helping get things straight.

This is a great source for quality bullets and brass and the owners are true to the product they sell.
(Posted on 10/25/13)
Excellent brass and delivery time. Review by William
Overall Rating
Excellent price, brass and delivery time! Also received 1000 pieces of 9 mm brass, it too looks great! I love buying from a FREE STATE. Thank you so much from the US Constitution trampling state of chaos also known as NY State. I will certainly be a return customer! (Posted on 10/14/13)
Excellent Review by Larry
Overall Rating
My First 1000 was so good I had to order another. As I expected it was just as good as the first. All were Lake City once fired brass. Most were 2008 and 2006 vintage. Only 3 bad ones and 1043 good ones.

(Posted on 10/4/13)
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 count 5.56 brass and was very pleased. It arrived on the same day they told me it would be. After culling a few pieces that were damaged I still had about 30 extra plus a few 308 casings. I look forward to ordering again and will let everyone know Everglades is the place to go if you don't want to be dissappointed.
Thank You (Posted on 10/3/13)
5.56 brass Review by ezra mo
Overall Rating
Ordered on Thursday, got it that Monday. Really fast shipping . Brass looks good have not culled it yet . I don't think I will be disappointed. (Posted on 9/30/13)
Best I have ever seen Review by Larry
Overall Rating
Sept. 23rd, 2013 I ordered 1000 pieces of 5.56 military once fired brass. It was delivered Sept. 26th.
The brass was ALL Lake City and looked like new.
219 were 2009
737 were 2008
22 were 2007
65 were 2004

and 7 others were bad.


About a third I plan on converting to 300 AAC Blackout and the rest leave for my 5.56

What can I say ! I am very pleased.... (Posted on 9/27/13)
Excellent! Review by MS
Overall Rating
Absolutely phenomenal brass and you can't beat the price. I usually look on Midway USA for brass and you pay nearly $180 for just 500 once fired LC brass. I haven't yet inspected the 1000 pieces that I ordered, but most appear to be LC and are very new and clean looking. I'm also very pleased because I don't like reloading 223 because of the thin wall issue, so it's nearly impossible to find brass that's listed as explicitly 5.56. Fast shipping too! (Posted on 9/20/13)
great service and deal Review by Oley55
Overall Rating
Ordered 1,000 556 cases which arrived in only three days. The 1,000 count was actually 1,053 pieces. after demil and cleaning I have only found three unserviceable cases. Will likely find a few more as I reload but for sure I will end up with many more than 1,000. (Posted on 9/20/13)
Hard to beat this deal! Review by Mike H
Overall Rating
Order for 1K pcs. of 5.56 brass is as advertised mostly LC stamped. A few dented beyond repair but very few. Extras are included to cover those. Just finished resizing 100 and results are great. Look like new brass after a final tumble in the walnut shells.
One word of caution when de-priming, a couple of cases had little white rocks stuck in them that were hard to detect untill my Lee die crushed them. (great dies!)
I would not hesitate to buy more brass in the future.
Thanks Everglades! (Posted on 7/30/13)
Very Good Brass in a FLASH Review by CNY Reloader
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 once fired 5.56 cases and got them in a flash here in New York (home of the Unfree) in spite of the July 4th Holiday. These guys don't screw around, they're fast and the brass looks great. Thanks! (Posted on 7/6/13)
excellent product Review by bp441
Overall Rating
Super fast shipping mostly lc a few wcc I saw none that were unusable will order again (Posted on 6/21/13)
Cant believe the processing and speed! Review by Dead on Shooters
Overall Rating
Placed my order at 10:45 on Thursday night. I am loading the first 100 Sunday morning! A nice way to start out Fathers day. Keep up the good work! I will be telling my buddies at the range where they came from! A-1 service!!!!!!! (Posted on 6/16/13)
Beyond First Rate! Review by CochetaMan
Overall Rating
Ordered 4 x 1000 pieces of military 5.56x45 on Saturday and it was on my doorstep Wednesday! These folks don't screw around. The order came in 2, very well sealed flat-rate boxes, 500 rounds in each of the 4 zip-lock bags in each box. A cursory exam showed the brass as having a much better-than-expected shine and in very good shape. I'm seriously impressed! I see absolutely no down side to ordering from Everglades Ammo. Nice to see an honest, conscientious and hard-working company for a change!

I'm also a big 7.62x51 user. I might just order a couple thousand of those, too... (Posted on 6/7/13)
This brass is Good to Go! Review by Parm
Overall Rating
Great Brass, Great Price, fast shipping. I am very happy with my orders from Everglades! (Posted on 5/19/13)
Great Product Review by Thomas
Overall Rating
Nice product and fast shipping. By far the best cases compared to other Internet sites. (Posted on 5/12/13)
Great Brass Review by Russell
Overall Rating
I placed my order Tuesday evening and my order arrived Friday. The brass looks look's great. If it was not for the spent primer, I would think it was new. Thanks Everglades for the great service! (Posted on 5/11/13)
Nice !! Review by Ed Songer
Overall Rating
Nice clean brass. Deprimed about half with only a hand full of rejects. I will be useing them in 5.56 and 300 Blackout. Well worth the price and very fast shipping! I will be ordering more! (Posted on 5/8/13)
Excellent all around!!! Review by Tek420
Overall Rating
From the quality of the brass to the speedy shipping it was fantastic dealing with these guys. I have not reloaded it yet but I did clean it all and gave it a quick inspection while doing that. The brass was really clean to begin with and I have found only very few that were unusable out of 6000 .223. I highly reccomend them as long as they do not catch on too much and still have some when I'm ready to order again! (Posted on 4/9/13)
Wow Great looking brass ... Review by Boomerman44
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 pcs of this once fired brass and you guys got it right out and to me quick. I am almost thru polishing it now and it looks like brand new stuff. I love to mess with reloading all kinds of different ammo. I would definately recomend buying from Everglades ...THEY DO IT RIGHT !!!!! (Posted on 3/24/13)
Pretty sweet Review by Travnbeer
Overall Rating
Looks to be all LC with no unusable rounds and an extra 50 rounds ensuring at least 1000 in each shipment. Will recommend to everyone I know looking for brass. (Posted on 3/14/13)
Brass has arrived! Review by Danny
Overall Rating
Thanks Everglades! Nicely cleaned brass showed up today. I'm a happy camper (Posted on 2/21/13)
Great service Review by scott
Overall Rating
They emailed me when it was in stock, I placed my order 3 days later I had it, great service and good product. There were a few dented casings that could not be used but they actually sent more than enough extra pieces of brass over the 1000 ordered to cover the useless ones (Posted on 2/6/13)
very good product-great value for money Review by clyde
Overall Rating
Ordered on 01-05-2013 and it arrived on 01-10-2013 in reinforced
package. All in good shape. Everglades is locked in our file now. (Posted on 1/10/13)
Very good brass and extremely fast shipping!! Review by Joshua
Overall Rating
I ordered 2000 brass and the shipping speed and quality are amazing. As soon as more is available, I will be purchasing again, and again, and again! (Posted on 1/8/13)
Great company Review by Charlie from CA
Overall Rating
Great product, great people, great service, great shipping, well you get the picture. I recommend Everglades to everyone! (Posted on 1/6/13)
Very good product Review by Rick
Overall Rating
I have ordered 2000 so far no disappointments have also ordered pistol bullets witch has not got here yet. These people are outstanding in everything they do will be ordering again when the need arrives thanks a bunch
(Posted on 1/2/13)
Great brass Review by Steve
Overall Rating
This brass is good enough to be reloaded many times. I like the fact that it is a thicker walled case (Posted on 12/29/12)
Nice brass, awesome service Review by FCReloader
Overall Rating
Ordered 12/21 around 7:00pm and was shocked to see a shipping notification an hour later!!! Brass arrived on 12/24 in a big express mail box. Good quality stuff; was clean and seems to be exclusively WCC head stamps. Proc we as a couple of hundred
rounds tonight and only got a few rejects.

Happy customer and will buy again. Thank you for not gouging on the prices...I am sure you could get more for this brass given the current buying frenzy for anything AR15 related... (Posted on 12/26/12)
very nice Review by engineer in talbott tn
Overall Rating
clean brass, good product, fast delivery. (Posted on 12/17/12)
Best bulk prices on the intenet Review by Bob
Overall Rating
Fastest shipping anywhere. Received my order in record time. Brass was very clean, order was almost all FC contract brass with 10 pieces of LC and 2 pieces WC brass along with 12 blanks. More than enough extra brass was included in the order to take care of the blank cases and damaged cases. I compared the volume and weight of the LC and FC brass and found them both the same. (Posted on 11/2/12)
Great to deal with ! Review by thor
Overall Rating
Ordered 1000 rounds on Friday night and had them Wed. morning. You can't ask for more. The brass is great. Mostly Lake City. Maybe 100 WCC and 20 Federal. My second order is on the way. (Posted on 9/29/12)
oustanding value and service Review by ron
Overall Rating
Ordered and had 3 days later. All looks good will definitely order more. (Posted on 9/18/12)
Great Brass Review by Tim VA
Overall Rating
Ordered on Monday evening, got my package Thursday afternoon. And that's with all the storm trouble they're having down there this week! The brass itself looks great, about 90% Federal, 9% Lake City and a small handful of WCC. Very few dings or blemishes and most look like they'll size out. Only had to toss three pieces total- 2 blanks and one with a caved in wall.

Ordered the brass/bullet combo and will definitely do business with Everglades Ammo in the future. (Posted on 8/31/12)
fast shippier Review by renofreitas
Overall Rating
Lightning Fast shipper!!! I'm in Hawaii and got it in 3 days! very nice brass and bullets, i will buy again soon! :) (Posted on 8/2/12)
Are you kidding me! Review by Hambone
Overall Rating
Pristine FC clean brass for $80! Best deal on the web. Just ordered another 1k. Thanks everglades ammoi!! (Posted on 6/13/12)
Great! Review by Ron
Overall Rating
This is the best place to buy 5.56 brass. I had only (1) damaged.
Will buy again.
Thank you. (Posted on 5/30/12)
Quick delivery Nice Brass Review by Fred RENO
Overall Rating
Ordered 31st rec'd on the 3rd. This is my second buy of 1000 ea 5.56 mm brass here. Very few damaged cases or necks, nice n clean. (Posted on 2/3/12)
great!! Review by match shooter
Overall Rating
very clean brass...only found a very few not usable. will be ordering more soon. best deal and service going on 5.56 brass. (Posted on 1/5/12)
Nice brass Review by 2506 Rem
Overall Rating
Received my order of 1000 and only 12 that cannot be reloaded but received enough extra to compensate for them. Thanks for the good looking brass! Kenny (Posted on 12/14/11)
Very Happy Review by MR
Overall Rating
I ordered 2K LC brass , they were very clean and shipped fast . There were a few unusable cases which in my opinion can't be avoided but there was more than enough extras to make up for the unusable ones . I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks (Posted on 12/14/11)
Recommended Review by BC
Overall Rating
Extremely fast service, product is exactly as described. I will order from Everglades again!
Thanks! (Posted on 11/9/11)
Great service Review by Tomcat053
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 rounds of Lake City brass and arrived 2 days later. All were in really good shape.Will buy from again when I need more.
Tomcat053@yahoo.com (Posted on 10/15/11)
Best 5.56 brass Review by Nomad
Overall Rating
This is the best deal in town. I've bought brass from others and can say, this is the best deal on the market. Fastest delivery I've ever had. Brass was in great condition, but I did find a couple of damaged ones, but there were extras to make up for it. I'm reloading most of the brass with Hornady 55 gn. V-Max. Great combination. Thanks again for the Lake City brass! (Posted on 9/22/11)
Nice Brass Review by Bill CA
Overall Rating
100% Lake City in my order. Nice and clean and all resized just fine on my Dillon. (Posted on 7/26/11)
More than satisfied Review by GB
Overall Rating
Ordered 2K of mixed brass. Arrived quickly and super clean. You are doing a wonderful job. I am referring locals to you business. Just ordered 1K of .45 bullets and 1K of .223 bullets. No doubt your business will grow. (Posted on 6/18/11)
First time purchase Review by BarCode
Overall Rating
Ordered 1000 5.56 military, 1000 mixed .223 and 500 once fired .308. All arrived within two days of ordering. All three lots were super clean, and in excellent condition. Will purchase again! (Posted on 4/30/11)
Wonderfuly Honest!! Review by Heavy Reloader
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 rnds and I was still trying to find out when they would arrive from the email I recieved when they were at the door!! Great Job Guys!! I will for sure be ordering more!! I also ended up with well over 1000 and have found No Unusable cases Yet!! Thanks again!! (Posted on 4/18/11)
Very good brass Review by PZ
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 once-fired 5.56 cases and was very happy with how quickly they arrived. There were some unusable cases but more than enough extra cases were thrown in to make the count above 1000. I have since loaded and fired all the cases without a single problem. (Posted on 4/3/11)

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