Everglades Ammunition and Reloading


We started Bender Shooting, LLC (Everglades Ammo) in a garage in 2009.
At first, it was a way for us to keep us and our friends shooting and stocked-up on ammunition 
without breaking the bank. Having a background in web development, IT
and the construction industry; as well as owning and managing a construction company,
turned out to be an incredible combination to grow a successful business, rapidly.
The initial response to our web-store was outstanding, but it was no accident-- 
we knew there was a market for competitively priced reloading products however, there was a vacuum.

Customer Service

The industry seemed to lack any real customer service.
Old-Fashioned, One-on-One, customer service. We saw this as an opportunity. 
Outstanding customer service is now, and has always been; our top priority. 
Our website offers thousands of product listings, and the vast majority
of the reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews. Why? We (and indeed, our customers) cite
our customer service as something which sets us apart from the rest of the industry. 
Of course, the quality and consistency of our products helps too...

Quality and Consistency

Another aspect of the reloading industry at large is a general lack of quality and consistency. 
These are often times one in the same. We source our selection of reloading components
carefully from a wide range of suppliers, with an eye for consistent quality.
This allows us an opportunity to further serve our customers in ways other companies can't.
Unlike others, our bottom line is not our top priority.

Rapid Growth & Expansion

We quickly out-grew our modest garage and moved in to a 4200 square foot facility in Naples, FL. 
This suited our needs for expansion and allowed us to hire a few full-time employees, which were
critical to our growth. Incredibly, in a few short years, we outgrew our 4200 sq. ft. facility.
We needed to expand, again.
In January 2015 we finished construction on our new and current facility. 
We now boast a 9-person full-time staff in a 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse, complete with offices and,
we're proud to say, a retail store! It's true, you can now visit us in person 4 days a week,
Tuesday through Friday 10AM - 5PM(4PM Friday) at our retail space.


Today, we are continuing to grow and adapt, while providing the quality, consistency
and customer service we are famous for, as well as developing our own products in-house.
(We have a CNC machine now, too) Keep an eye on us, we have a lot of things planned
for the future, and if our history is any indication, expect greatness.

"Everglades Ammunition is a family owned business located in Naples Florida.
Our mission is to provide high quality ammunition and components 
to the local market
and through mail order. Thank you for visiting our website
and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you as a valued customer."

-Stephen and David Bender, Owners