5.56 Processed Military Brass

This 5.56 Processed Military Brass is fully processed. Cleaned, resized, deprimed, swaged and trimmed. Ready to load. Brass is once fired military auction brass in excellent condition. Appears to be predominantly Lake City and FC (as of 02/24/2017) but may contain other government contract brass. Normally ships next business day. More details below.

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5.56 Processed Military Brass - 500 Pieces

Cases are fully processed and ready to load.  Visually and machine inspected.  Full length resized.  Primer pockets are swaged to remove military crimp and brass is trimmed to SAAMI spec.  Cases are inspected for cracks, foreign objects and ringers.  Brass is re-cleaned and deburred after processing.  Boat tail projectiles will load fine but it may be necessary to run an expander ball for very square base (non-boat tail or non-tapered) projectiles.

This brass is cleaned, once fired, military auction brass. Appears to be predominantly Lake City and WCC but may contain other government contract brass.


Customer Reviews (67)

Great product, but packaging neeeds work!!Review by Dennis
Overall Rating
I'm a regular customer and love Everglade products. This processed brass is no exception and is excellent. However I really do wish the packaging was better. This time, like about half of my orders, the inner bag containing the brass was split wide open on arrival and I had to get it cleaned up and repackaged. Which is a shame, since they label the inner package so well. Weak plastic bags are the only flaw in an otherwise great system. **** EvergladesAmmo Note - We are rolling out a new, improved bag for brass. We expect it will reduce this problem substantially. (Posted on 7/9/2018)
Fantastic Buy !!Review by Bill
Overall Rating
I ordered and received 2,500 of this brass in just a couple of days. This brass is excellent. It fit flush in my Dillon case gauge, showing it had been perfectly resized. The cases were clean both inside and out. They load into a beautiful round. I'll definitely be buying more. This processed brass is the only way to go. The slight increase in cost is worth every penny over non processed brass. Just based on how much work it saves.

The only complaint I have is they could have been chamfered a bit more on the inside of the case mouth, to afford a bit easier seating of the bullets. But this is a personal preference that varies depending on the reloader. It only took about an hour to run all the cases through my RCBS Case Prep Center, and increase the chamfer to what I prefer. There were only 2 cases out of all of them that I had to discard. Excellent brass!! (Posted on 6/30/2018)
Dang good processed brassReview by Grmpy Old Left Coaster
Overall Rating
I have made several purchases from Everglades. Bought 500 processed 5.56 to check their processing quality....Good Stuff...no, I did not count the brass just loaded and shot it...easy loading, they took most of the tedious parts out of reloading military brass....so I ordered another 1K...
The quality of the rifle and pistol brass and bullets has been excellent....FAST SHIPPING...not sure my Postal Carrier likes how they use "if it fits, it ships" priority mail...but hey, the Postal Service made the rules.
I will continue to buy from Everglades. Thanks guys... (Posted on 4/23/2018)
Good brass but I got shorted a few casesReview by Ed
Overall Rating
I had some extra primers, powder and bullets so I decided to get the processed brass to load out the components, I ordered 2500 of the cases. I wanted to do range ammo, not precision ammo.
The brass looked nice and clean. They were all Lake City. Fast shipping.

I loaded them with CCI 41 primers on my Dillon 1050. I had 24 of them that the primer did not go in smoothly. I had to reswage them.
After doing the primers I put each of them in a Dillon case gauge as a quality check. Four out of the 2500 did not gauge right and I discarded them.
I randomly checked the length and they were all OK.
Six of the cases were bent and were discarded.

In loading the bullets I did notice a slight difference in neck tension but nothing significant.
I took 100 of them out to the range (55 gr Hornady Z-Max, 27.7 grs CFE 223 and CCI 41 primers) and they all did about 1 MOA out of my Colt 6920 on the bench. Better than factory M-193 ammo.

I see the other reviews where they got more brass than they ordered but I was short 31 of them excluding the few I had to discard.
However, buying the processed brass saved me a lot of work and the problem pieces were less than what I would have produced had I process the brass myself so I will give it five stars. I'll buy more. (Posted on 3/6/2018)
Great productReview by Jimmy
Overall Rating
This was my first time loading with processed brass by someone other than me and all I can say is that I'm impressed. It sure is nice being able to go straight to loaded without any case prep. As a busy guy like me, that's awesome. Crimps were revived nicely, Brass was trimmed to correct length and was extremely shiny. Just add some case lube and you're off to loading. (Posted on 2/25/2018)
The Best !Review by Larry
Overall Rating
Great job again Everglades team! This is my second order of 2,500 processed 5.56 brass and one order of 3,000 range 5.56 brass. Everglades always includes some extra brass to make up for damaged or unusable brass. In my opinion this processed brass is the best value on the market that saves a ton of time for a few pennies more. This order I had to contact the Everglades team and Dave (the owner) responded and took care of my concerns within 1 hour, now that's fast! I will continue to order brass and bullets from them. Great Job Again! (Posted on 1/10/2018)
ExcellentReview by Harold
Overall Rating
I just ordered 2 boxes of 2500 processed 5.56 brass they look great high quality brass ,shipping was fast, I would order any time from here. (Posted on 12/19/2017)
Great!Review by MN9130SC
Overall Rating
Received order of 500 processed brass quickly. Found brass to be as described in add. My breakdown appears to be about 65% LC and 35% WCC. About 1 in 50 have a very slightly dented case mouth. So far I have loaded these without any affect on accuracy. I will be ordering again! (Posted on 9/11/2017)
Great!Review by MN9130SC
Overall Rating
Received 500 count order quickly. Looks like I received about 30-40% WCC with the remainder Lake City. Only have had the chance to load 50 so far. I found zero cases that need help. I did have to clean primer pockets, but its a minor inconvenience. The processed brass is such a time saver that I will be buying more. (Posted on 9/9/2017)
Awesome DealReview by Jon L
Overall Rating
Ordered 2000 pieces. 2043 arrived with no culls. Everyone was in good shape and primed easily. I have bought the non-processed brass before. Never again. The cost difference is so low for such time consuming tasks when processing large quantities. I highly highly recommend this brass! (Posted on 6/18/2017)
Brasses BrassReview by Glenn T
Overall Rating
High quality brass all from Lake City. All of it was top quality and cleaned up like new brass. I don't plan on buying anymore new brass as long as I can get this. Everglades shipping is excellent. (Posted on 5/28/2017)
Outstanding value - very consistentReview by Don
Overall Rating
I went with the processed and ready to load option. For a few extra bucks it saves all the effort. I quickly installed primers (Winchester small rifle) in the cases and loaded. Since my AR is 1:8 twist I've found that a 75 grain round works better than the more common 55g. I'm using 75g HPBT's (Hornady match) from Midway. I only wish these folks had an equivalent. I load 24.5g of Varget is giving nice tight 1 inch groups at 100 yards. I've found this brass a cut above some of the factory ammo I've bought and reused. It's a tad heavier (thicker) than the other stuff. Since I weigh each finished cartridge as a safety double check, I like having brass that has consistent weight. That's why I ordered a second 500 after I found the first 500 so consistent. I gave away all my other .223 brass so that my 1000 rounds are all Everglades. I'm taking this on a Prairie Dog expedition to SD next month, Lord willing. (Posted on 5/4/2017)
A Great Deal!Review by Donald
Overall Rating
Your processed brass is a great deal and saves me a lot of time.
Prices and delivery are excellent. (Posted on 2/16/2017)
Top valueReview by Larry
Overall Rating
Great job Everglades. Very good brass for the buck and well worth the extra cost to process it ! For those who want to know, a 2000 piece order came to Oregon in 3 days. Overall condition was excellent. After checking 10 for size I started to load with no problem. After 50 I noticed my fingers getting a little greasy black so I ran the rest through my tumbler for an hour. Total count was 2028, about 10 had necks that had to be re-worked, 6 were bad leaving a +22. Great job Guy's ! I will order again when needed. Larry (Posted on 2/11/2017)
excellent brassReview by rxp272000
Overall Rating
I orderd 500 pieces of 5.56 brass couldn't be happier. All of it was LC brass. Lots were 09&08. Not one bad one in batch. Keep up the good work on processed military brass.

Thanks Skip (Posted on 2/6/2017)
very nice brassReview by Jeff
Overall Rating
I just received 2000. I've gone through 900. So far all is LC mostly 09. The whole box looks to be LC. Size and trim are good. Every random case I have checked fits perfectly in a head space gauge. Trim is mostly 1.750 with a few +.002 -.003. All that I did was clean primer pockets and used a primer pocket uniformer, just to check, deburr and dech the necks. A light tumble and they look like new. So far only 2 cases are unusable and 4 had necks bent a little that my size die fixed. I will be ordering more. Excellent brass and I didn't have to do all the work for a few pennies more. (Posted on 1/23/2017)
Good StuffReview by Colorado Kid
Overall Rating
Properly cleaned, correct trim length, primer pockets swaged ok. Nice brass. My order was 1000pcs processed. Swaging and trimming 1000 of these cases is not my idea of fun so processed price was well worth it. (Posted on 1/8/2017)
Perfect !Review by Curtis AKA "OWL" Wa.
Overall Rating
I had no issues with any out of 500 that's damn good brass. (Posted on 12/9/2016)
Awesome brassReview by Jeff
Overall Rating
I resently ordered 2500 of the processed brass and got to loading it. This brass is very good stuff. I took it out of the box and checked it for length and size. It was right on so I got to priming and loading. Everything went very smooth. It was so much easier than processing the brass myself and well worth the money.
Before this order I purchased 5000 unproscessed bass and did all the work myself, I won't do that again. Everglades ammo is the best. I've been a long time buyer and all orders have been great. THANKS EVERGLADES AMMO!!! (Posted on 12/6/2016)
excellent.Review by Fred
Overall Rating
Since finding Everglades Ammo i have stopped processing my own brass. I've purchased numerous calibers of either new or processed and their price is such a value for the product that its not worth my time to clean, sort, size and go through all the prep needed for my range brass.

Just got my latest 500 piece processed military 5.55 and its top notch. Tossed them in the tumbler as habit but wasn't needed. Checked sizes with my gauges and press on about a dozen cases, wasn't needed. primer pocket swage? Wasn't needed.

Excellent price for the value. (Posted on 11/16/2016)

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