308 Military Brass

308 Military Brass

Brass is once fired military auction brass. This lot appears to be predominantly Lake City, WCC and TAA but may contain other government contract brass. All brass is NATO spec (7.62mm x 51mm) and top quality. Brass has been cleaned but is otherwise unprocessed. Brass will need to be full length sized, trimmed, de-primed and have primer pockets reamed before loading. Boxer Primed.
This product normally ships the same or next business day.

See Video Below on Proper Re-sizing

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308 Military Brass
Brass is once fired military auction brass. We use a dust-free cleaning process that polishes the cases and removes dirt, sand or other foreign matter. The brass is hand sorted to remove unservicable pieces and extra brass is included to cover any damaged pieces missed during the inspection process.
This product normally ships the same or next business day.


Customer Reviews (153)

High hopesReview by Mikey C.
Overall Rating
Just received my order of .308 brass. Here's what I received:
WWC - 88 pieces all serviceable
PSD - 21 pieces all serviceable
LC - 410 pieces BUT, 35 pieces had bad gouges in the heads.

Totaled out at 519 pieces/484 that were serviceable.

Overall I'm happy to have all the brass I received but I was a little underwhelmed by the unserviceable stuff. (Posted on 5/21/2015)
Great dealReview by Robert
Overall Rating
My order arrived quickly. Sorting found all usable brass of mixed head stamps.
PMJ. 14
PSD. 35
LC. 223
WCC 245
5.56mm. 1
Total of 517
I would order again. Thanks. (Posted on 5/2/2015)
Wow!!!Review by Nutsfor98s
Overall Rating
All the brass was usable. Most of the brass I got was LC there was 98 WCC and 32 PMJ in 1000 pieces of brass. I did not count the LC brass. Very nice brass.

Oh yeah I did get one 223 case. (Posted on 4/17/2015)
Clean brass, fast shippingReview by John
Overall Rating
I received exactly 520 mixed headstamp 308 brass. I will be ordering from Everglades from now on. Can't beat the free shipping. I placed an order on Wednesday and receives the following Monday. (Posted on 4/13/2015)
Great ServiceReview by Bill
Overall Rating
Ordered .308 brass and bullets 4-2 (Thursday) and USPS just delivered. It's Monday 4-6 and that's with an Easter holiday over the weekend. Brass is great and the downrange part looks perfect. I definitely will order again. (Posted on 4/6/2015)
Best brass everReview by ron
Overall Rating
This brass was 95% LC with extras & no culls. Everglades hit a home run again. Thank you. (Posted on 4/1/2015)
First rate...Review by M193
Overall Rating
If you want a detailed review, here you be...

I ordered my brass on March 20th and received my shipment via USPS on March 23rd...I'll take it.

The brass was contained in a regular USPS Priority Mail box that was taped very well. The goverment did a good job in getting the material to me, which is sometimes easier said than done in this age of bad postal service.

Within my box I had:

486 Lake City Brass (LC) (92.74% of case)
24 Western Cartridge Co (WCC) (4.58% of case)
10 Poongsan Metal Corp. (PMJ) (1.90% of case)
1 Santa Barbara Systems (SBS) (0.19% of case)
3 Rounds of 5.56 (0.57% of case)

524 Total Brass in the case

All of my 7.62 is usable...and cleaned as they said they would. No cracked necks or rusted cases...overall I am very, very happy. As for the 5..56 rounds that were included...they were all Lake City and I can use them on another project.

I will gladly place another order...and I suggest you do the same! Everglades Ammunition is the real deal and thanks for hooking me up! (Posted on 3/23/2015)
Great BrassReview by Arty Man
Overall Rating
I received my order today. Fast service and the brass was clean. Most of the brass was LC and I will buy again. (Posted on 3/20/2015)
Wow !Review by Billr
Overall Rating
It takes a lot to impress me. But I am impressed. Quality brass in a timely manner. You fellas will be receiving more orders shortly ! (Posted on 3/18/2015)
ExcellentReview by Pat
Overall Rating
Packaging was good. Some bent necks but that expected. Fast service. All same lot. I believe that the counts are from weight. 2 short on 500. I will order again soon. ****EvergladesAmmo Note - Please contact us. Will send extras with next order or right away.

Surprise AZ (Posted on 2/15/2015)
308 Military once fired brassReview by Stanley
Overall Rating
Overall I am really pleased with the quality of the brass and the packing of the brass in plastic bags rather than coming in a box loose like they used to come. This is the first 308 brass I have ordered, while the quality was really good the count was short by 8 pieces and 3 unusable pieces, I just hate paying full price for an order that was miscounted, after all military brass has an extra step involved in swaging the primer pocket and paying more for brass requiring more work I expect the count to be more favorable. I will still be ordering from Everglades but I hope the next shipment comes packed by someone with the ability to count. *** EvergladesAmmo Note - Please contact us. We will gladly send you more brass to take care of the shortage. (Posted on 2/10/2015)
308 BrassReview by azhuff1
Overall Rating
Received brass today, very fast shipping. Will be ordering again soon. Also received the 308 bullets. Let it snow now. (Posted on 2/9/2015)
Very niceReview by Jim
Overall Rating
Quick shipping, good customer service. I will be ordering again. (Posted on 1/17/2015)
Great Brass From EvergladesReview by Felix
Overall Rating
I ordered 500 pieces of this .308 military once fired brass and I received it within 4 days which was pretty quick. Inside, after counting, were 509 pieces of serviceable brass. 5 were Berdan primed and only 1 cull which were tossed. The headstamps were predominantly 90% Lake City. The brass came moderately clean, but I re-cleaned them in the ultrasonic cleaner and tumbler after decapping the primers. There were no issues with removing crimps and resizing the cases. I was very impressed with the quality and plan to buy more in the future. I also highly recommend having a case gauge handy to check for headspace. (Posted on 11/27/2014)
Best Deal AroundReview by Colt
Overall Rating
You will get exactly what they describe. No surprises. These are good honest sellers with the best prices around. Mostly LC brass as described. I re cleaned & polished all the brass after de capping only because I like mine to look and function like brand new. I highly recommend you check headspace. Don't skip doing that. That is just common sense for safety. (Posted on 11/26/2014)
Best Once Fired Brass for the MoneyReview by SacLamb
Overall Rating
We ordered 500 and received them within a few days. Packaged Very Well and Brass was VERY Clean for once fired and upon inspection we ordered 1K more. IMO Everglades offers some of the best once fired brass at the very best prices, not to mention Super Fast Delivery. After buying from dozens of other brass suppliers, We are very pleased and have made Everglades Ammo our Only Supplier of once fired brass. These Folks go out of their way to satisfy ALL Issues with Customers which make them "The Best" Once Fired Brass Suppliers. Thanks Again!! (Posted on 11/12/2014)
308 Rifle BrassReview by Johnnie
Overall Rating
Ordered 500 and received in short order. Has 402 Lake City, 90 Ra Remington Arms and 13 others, all excellent and so easy to work with. Will be ordering more in short order along with the 168 gr JHP bullets. Couldn't get over how clean the brass is, saves a lot of time on getting them reloaded. The 45s and 308 brass looks almost new. (Posted on 10/30/2014)
Christmas in OctoberReview by Tony G
Overall Rating
Great looking brass! Clean, good looking, stop looking and order now because I am! (Posted on 10/26/2014)
Bit perplexed...Review by Rick
Overall Rating
I've ordered quite a bit of brass and bullets from Everglades (probably not as much as some...but a lot). the last two orders of 308 have me scratching my head a bit, the overall quality of the brass just didn't seem to be up to what I've seen in the past...lot of corrosion and black crud on the case base/rim (which I couldn't get off)...Has me a bit concerned about messing up the extractors on my rifles...I understand its once fired, but cruddy corroded brass that is suspect just concerns me a bit...like I said, just seemed a bit unusual for Everglades... ****Everglades Ammo Note - Please contact us. We will be happy to send more brass to make up for any that did not make the cut. I have inspected the current brass and do not see this issue but we may have had a batch that did not get run in the cleaner long enough or were not hand sorted well enough. We will make it right! (Posted on 10/1/2014)
Very GoodReview by Wayne
Overall Rating
I just used 1,000 round of this brass and had no problems with it. They resized very well and were cleaned nice. I would tell anyone that this a great buy. (Posted on 9/30/2014)

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