45 ACP 230GR JHP Ammunition - NEW

45 ACP 230GR JHP Ammunition - 50 Rounds per box 230 grain JHP bullets. Brand new reloadable brass and top quality jacketed, not plated, bullets. Non corrosive powder and primers. A great price for ammunition with top quality components.

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45 ACP 230GR JHP Ammunition - 50 Rounds per box. 230 grain JHP loaded with top quality US made Zero brand projectiles. Projectiles are jacketed, not plated. All new components including new reloadable brass. Non corrosive powder and primers.


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My Ruger 1911 Loves this Ammo!Review by Kojak
Overall Rating
I live local, and bought 500 rds to test out. No miss fires, and no casings caught in the breach during eject!
I am out of ammo gotta go to the store.
My 43yr old son. had never shot a handgun in his life, came down to visit, and he wanted to shoot my guns. We went to the Alamo, and after two hours of Dads "NRA Pistol Course" we set up and the first 3 rounds at 6.5M he had 3 in the Bullseye!
Over the next two days he depleted my .45cal inventory. He now holds the family title of the best shot in the family of 5 shooters!
I guess we all get a pat on the back for that one! "No One Screwed Up"
Life Time NRA Member 1964 (Posted on 8/3/2017)

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