9mm 147gr FMJ Bullets

9mm 147gr FMJ Bullets. True jacketed bullets not plated. Made in the USA.

ATTENTION: This product is a component for reloading.
Not Loaded Ammunition.

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9mm 147gr FMJ Bullets, .355 diameter. True jacketed bullets not plated. These are excellent quality bullets and and a real value. You won't be disappointed. Made in the USA.


Customer Reviews (11)

Great BulletsReview by John
Overall Rating
Perfect bullet for my subsonic loads. CFE powder 4.0 grains. OAL 1.155. Ran flawlessly in all my suppressed pistols.Just ordered more. Thanks ! (Posted on 10/27/2019)
Good Bullets, Good PriceReview by bubba
Overall Rating
Gun goes BANG, the bullet comes out every time. Seriously, good jacketed bullets. (Posted on 8/22/2019)
PerfectReview by Jordan
Overall Rating
Excellent quality as usual. I've loaded over 15,000 of these and they are great. Keep up the good work! (Posted on 8/22/2019)
I'm ordering more now!Review by Reaganzap
Overall Rating
Been using Everglades for several years, my go to for good quality bullets, I love the fast and free shipping . Loaded these 147 FMJ and they are consistent and accurate. (Posted on 3/13/2019)
Top Drawer!Review by Stephen
Overall Rating
I use these for practice & match shooting. I am always well pleased! (Posted on 11/26/2018)
Great BulletReview by MCXRING
Overall Rating
Load these for my 1911 Range officer, 4.7 G Power pistol, very accurate, has a long bearing surface, consistent in weight, tight groups
Mike (Posted on 1/24/2016)
Very satisfiedReview by flying.gage
Overall Rating
All the superlatives apply in regards to the company and the product. I cannot offer more.

Loading these on mixed cases over 3.7 of W231 with remmy primers. OAL is 1.155. These shot better than any commercial ammo. About half way through my run of a 1000, I loosened my crimp to .358 and felt the accuracy increased a little more.

As with all loading recipes, what works for me may not work for you. Develop your loads slowly and watch for signs of overpressure. (Posted on 4/3/2015)
Quality product!!!!! Excellent customer service!!!!!Review by Alasbabalon
Overall Rating
A no hassle purchase. Very quick ship and quick communication. Will order again. (Posted on 11/3/2012)
Awesome!!!Review by Robert
Overall Rating
Juat about to load my second order. Using them for IDPA and i have to say very impressed! all were spot on +/- 1gr in the weight. Very accurate with load i am using. Will continue to use them and save some money over Montana Gold. (Posted on 8/30/2012)
GREAT!!!Review by Crake
Overall Rating
I've shot about 1,000 of these loaded on top of 4.1 grains of longshot, and boy, they shoot well!!!

Highly recommended!!!! (Posted on 6/23/2012)
Very ImpressedReview by William
Overall Rating
Just finished loading the last of my first 1K of the 147 9mm. Excellent all the way around. I have been experimenting with different brands and testing them out all summer during IDPA and Steele Plate. The Everglades 147 FMJ won out. Just ordered another 1K. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

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