9mm 115gr JHP - New Ammunition

9MM 115GR JHP Ammunition - NEW

 9MM 124GR JHP Ammunition Re-Manufactured

9MM 124GR JHP Ammunition - Re-Manufactured

9MM 115GR JHP Ammunition - Re-Manufactured

100% of 100

9MM 115GR FMJ Ammunition, Re-Manufactured - 50 Round boxes

Loaded with 115 grain JHP (Not Plated) bullets.
This ammunition has the same consistency and quality as factory ammo plus a superior projectile.
Average muzzle velocity 1165fps.

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9MM 115GR JHP Ammunition, Re-Manufactured - 50 Round Boxes

115 grain JHP projectiles. All brass is processed on Camdex commercial processing machines.
Our 9MM is loaded on an Ammoload commercial loading machine and every round is case gauged and visually inspected before packaging.
This ammunition is used every week at local USPSA competitions in a variety of weapons with great success.
Non corrosive powder and primers.
Average muzzle velocity 1165fps.

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