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General Questions:

Local Pickup SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY (3/14/2020):

Click HERE for map, hours and more information.
Our retail store is now closed.  We offer Local Pickup on web orders only, in Naples, FL.

Please Contact Us for an appointment outside of listed hours. 

Ammunition, Powder, and Primer Shipments:

Ammunition, Powder, and Primer shipements will be sent FedEx.  These shipments will require an adult signature for delivery.  This is Federal Law and FedEx policy.  This is not optional.  Please send these shipments to an address where someone will be available to sign for them.  We will not refund shipping charges because someone is not available to sign for these pacakges.  Hazmat (powder or primers) orders are non-refundable because the product cannot be returned to us.  This includes the shipping and Hazmat fees. 

Print Catalog: 

We do not have a print catalog. Due to constantly changing availability and stock a print catalog is not feasible at this time.


We do not accept Paypal as a payment option.  Paypal is anti gun and they it is also against their terms of service to sell firearms, ammunition or components using their service.  They can freeze your account if you violate their terms of service. 

We recommend all of our customers do some research into Paypal"s stance against gun rights before using their services and supporting them.  We offer secure Credit Card and Money Order payment options through our website.  Paypal's Anti Gun Policy

Military Brass Prep:

Here is the way I process military brass. You will need a case gauge to do this properly. The first thing to do is inspect your brass for any unusable pieces. Dented case necks and small dents in the body of the case don't render the brass unsuitable for reloading. If the case has a dented case neck, I take a round punch with a tapered neck and insert it into the case and lightly tap it with a hammer to get the neck round again. It doesn't have to be perfect because the expander ball in your resizing die will get it perfect. Once the cases are sorted you will need to resize and deprime the brass.

If you are doing this on a progressive press, you will need to ensure that all the stations have brass in them. If you don't do that when setting up your resizing die, you will get false results because the tool head responds differently with only one case in the machine.

Make sure you are using plenty of case lube when resizing military brass. Without a case in the resizing station, run your resizing die down to the shellplate and then back it off a couple turns. Then insert your test case into your press and run it down. Remove the case and check it in your case guage. It probably won't fit. Turn the resizing die down 1/4 turn and try again. Keep doing this until your case fits into the case gauge completely. Now lock your resizing die down. No need to overdo it. Once the case fits in the gauge you are good. If you have a specific rifle that you are loading for you can also do this check in the rifle chamber.

Once the shoulder has been properly set back, you will need to trim the cases to length. Consult your reloading manual for the proper trim to length for your caliber. You will also need to ream or swage the primer pocket. Once this is complete your brass should be ready to reload. Please remember to be safe with your reloading and always start with the lowest powder charge recommended and work your way up verifying your velocity with a chronograph.

In Stock Notification:

If you would like to be notified via email, when a product comes back in stock please follow these instructions.

1. Go to the product page that you are interested in.

2. Below the title of the item there is a link that says "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock".

3. Click this link and you will be prompted to sign in to your account if you are not already logged in.

If you do not have an account you will need to sign up for one to be notified when an item is back in stock.

Bullet Abbreviations

BT = Boat Tail

*CMJ = Complete Metal Jacket

FMJ = Full Metal Jacket

FP = Flat Point

JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point

JSP = Jacketed Soft Point

LRN = Lead Round Nose

RN = Round Nose or Rounded Nose for JHP Style Bullets

SWC = Semi Wadcutter

SP = Spire Point

* Some companies use the term CMJ and Plated interchangeably.  We do not.  CMJ bullets are true Jacketed bullets that have an additional jacket covering the exposed lead.  All of our Plated bullets will clearly be listed as such in the name and product description.


Discount & Coupon Code Usage


Click HERE for detailed instructions on using your discount / coupon codes.




What type of equipment do you use to load your ammunition? 

We use Ammoload and Camdex equipment to perform case processing and ammunition loading.  The machines are a step above home reloading equipment in speed, quality, consistency and cost.  This enables us to produce very high quality and consistent ammunition. Click HERE to see videos of some of our equipment in action.

What type of ammunition components do you use? 

We use only quality components in our ammunition. We use St. Marks commercial powders, CCI primers and true jacketed bullets.  We use brand new, boxer primed brass in most of our ammunition other than 9mm.  Our philosophy is to choose our components based on quality, not the lowest price.  This philosophy, combined with rigorous testing at the range and constant QC during manufacturing, allows us to offer ammunition with outstanding performance and reliability. 

How do you process brass for use in your remanufactured ammunition? 

All brass is machine and hand sorted. It is then cleaned using a combination of polishes and media designed specifically for ammunition brass. All brass used in our remanufactured ammunition is processed on commercial machinery that inspects the cases for foreign objects, bad flash holes, berdan primed cases, split cases and dinged case necks.  The primer pockets are swaged and the cases are full length sized to assure reliable feeding and performance.

What type of guns do you use to test your ammunition? 

9MM - We use a Glock 17 and Glock 34 to test our 9mm ammunition. All 9mm loads are developed to 132 power factor out of our Glock 17.  40 and 45 ammunition is typically tested in Glock and 1911 based competition handguns.  Please note that temperature, humidity and elevation all play a role in the muzzle velocity you will see with any ammunition. If you intend to use this ammunition at any event that chronographs we strongly recommend that you chronograph using your gun and at the actual match conditions.

Bulk and Law Enforcement Sales:

Please contact us if you would like to purchase over ten thousand rounds of ammunition as we may be able to offer discounted pricing.  We do load and sell to Law Enforcement, mostly in the State of FL, but can ship anywhere in the US. 




Where do you source your brass?

Our 5.56 and 7.62 brass is normally sourced from government auctions.  Most other brass is acquired from private and law enforcement ranges.

Headstamp Requests:

We do not sort brass by headstamp. We do our best to list what the headstamp of the brass is in the item description, but if it is listed as mixed headstamp that is the only way it is available.

How do you clean your brass? 

Most brass is cleaned in commercial vibratory machinery with non-abrasive ceramic media and brass-safe water and soap solution.  This process leaves a very clean, dust free product that is great for loading.  Some small batch brass is cleaned with traditional dry media and brass safe polish.

What are pulled bullets?

Pulled bullets are bullets that have been loaded in to a case and then removed.  Because they are not ‘new’, we can offer them at a discounted price.  We purchase bullets from companies that specialize in this procedure. 

Powder and Primers:

Important Hazmat shipment information.  Please read before ordering Hazmat goods.

1) Powder and Primers must be shipped Hazmat. We use FedEx Ground for all Hazmat shipments. No Hazmat shipments to AK or HI.

2) Powder and Primers may be shipped together.

3) The Hazmat charge is $30.  Packages up to 50lbs, including packaging, will incur only one Hazmat charge.

4) The Hazmat charge will be reflected during checkout as a line item charge in your total.

5) An adult signature is required for all Hazmat shipments.

6) Undeliverable, refused or unclaimed Hazmat shipments will be refunded for the product price only after the package is returned to us. Hazmat fees and shipping fees are not refundable.

7) Hazmat charges are not required for items other than powder and primers at this time.

8) Hazmat shipments can not be re-routed or held for pickup after they are shipped from us.

If you have any other questions, please contact us before placing your order.


What if I need something I don't see on your website?

Please contact us.  We'll do our best to source items that our customers want.



Firearms and Transfers:

(Click Here for Our Current List of Available Firearms)
We no longer accept or process firearms transfers, please do not send us your guns!




Customer Satisfaction:

This is our number one priority – NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you have a problem or concern with a product you purchase from us, let us know.  We will make it right.


We ship over 99% of orders received by 5 PM EST the next business day.  Most component shipping is free and shipped via the US Postal Service.  Loaded ammunition is shipped via FedEx Ground.  Non-local firearm sales can be shipped to an FFL of your choice. 

Ammunition, Powder, and Primer shipements will be sent FedEx.  These shipments will require an adult signature for delivery.  This is Federal Law and FedEx policy and is not something that is optional.  Please send these shipments to an address where someone will be able to sign for them.  We will not refund shipping charges because someone is not available to sign for ammunition or haz-mat pacakges.  

No Ammunition sales to fhe following areas.


- Alaska


- Hawaii


- Massachusetts


- California


- New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester (we can ship to other areas in the state of New York, just not within those city limits)


- Washington, DC


Shipping Notification:

You will receive an email when your order is shipped that contains your tracking number.  You will receive one email for each individual package. USPS tracking numbers can take up to 48 hours to show up in the USPS tracking system.  If that time has passed and the number is still not working please go to USPS.com and click 'Track & Confirm' and enter your tracking number.  If you are still having difficulty tracking your package please contact us. If you do not receive a confirmation or tracking email from us within 2 business days from when you placed your order please check your junk mail/ spam folder for an email from us. There is also the possibility that your email was incorrectly input on the site. If that happens we do our best to decipher any mis-typed email addresses and correct them, but that doesn't always work. 


If an item is in stock on our website then it is in stock.  Stock levels are reviewed daily to ensure we do not oversell a product.  We do not allow back orders on items. 


Please sign up for our monthly email newsletter.  This is the only source for discounts and coupons.  We currently do not offer any Military or Law Enforcement discounts.  We do not offer any volume discounts beyond what is listed on our site unless your order is over 25,000 units.  If you need to buy in that quantity please contact us.

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards to include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  We also accept certified checks drawn on US Banks and USPS Money Orders. If you want to pay with a USPS Money Order please use the checkout process on our site and when you get to the payment section there will be an option to pay with a money order.