Shipping Information
Where's my stuff? How can I track my order?
Click Read More for a link to track your package
Do you ship to MA?
Yes, but we need a copy of your LTC before we can ship to you. Click Here to contact us and we will provide further information on how to order.
Important Information Regarding HAZMAT Shipments
Important Hazmat shipment information.  Please read before ordering Hazmat goods. 1) Powder and Primers must be shipped Hazmat. We use FedEx Ground for all Hazmat shipments. No HAZMAT shipments to AK or HI. 2) Powder and Primers may be shipped...
Do you offer local pickup?
LOCAL PICKUP HAS BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  Local Pickup of orders placed on our website is offered on the day and time listed below. Changes or additions to your order cannot be accommodated during Local Pickup Hours. Local Pickup orders...
How do you handle ammunition, primers, and powder shipments?
Ammunition, powder, and primer shipments are sent via FedEx Ground. A HAZMAT fee is added to orders that include primers and powders.
Do you ship internationally?
No, we do not ship any products outside the USA.
How do you handle shipping?
99% of orders received by 5 PM EST will ship within 2 business days.  Most component shipping is free and shipped via FedEx Express.  Loaded ammunition and Hazmat are shipped via FedEx Ground.  Some heavier/larger orders are shipped...
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Is there a way for me to be notified when an out of stock product comes back in stock?
Yes! You can be notified when any product comes back in stock by following the directions below...
What Load Data should I use for your bullets?
We do not provide load data. We recommend that you look at your powder manufacturer's website for a comparable bullet for your powder. Hornady. Sierra, Remington or Winchester are common and often a good starting point for jacketed bullets. Look...
When will this be in stock?
We do not have an ETA on out of stock items. You can sign up to be notified when an item comes in stock on the product pages of our website. If you are signed up, you will be notified.
Do you take phone orders? Can you call me?
No, we do not take phone orders.  Please note our website checkout is secure and encrypted.  We do not store credit card data for your security. Customer service is handled via email so there is a record of the communication and to avoid mis...
Can I change or add to my order?
No, we cannot modify your order after it has been placed since we do not store credit card data for your security. If you need to add additional items, please place a new order.
Do you ship to MA?
Yes, but we need a copy of your LTC before we can ship to you. Click Here to contact us and we will provide further information on how to order.
I shoot competition. Will you sponsor me? Do you have a contingency program?
All of our sponsorship slots are currently filled. If you want to send in your shooting resume, we would be happy to review it and let you know if anything opens up. We do not have a contingency program at this time.
Do you have "Blank"?
All of the products we carry and their current stock status are shown on our website. If it is not on the website, we do not have it.
Is stock accurate on your website?
Yes, if you can add it to your cart and checkout, we have it in stock 99.9% of the time barring an inventory mistake.
Do you have a physical print catalog you could send me?
We do not offer a print catalog at this time.
Do you offer Dealer pricing?
Not at this time.
Do you offer a Military, Law Enforcement, or First Responder discount?
No, we do not offer any service related discounts at this time. We do send out all of our discount offers via our email list. If you are interested, please consider signing up. There is a signup box at the bottom of the homepage of our website. ...
Did my order go through?
Orders are not complete unless you are forwarded to the order confirmation screen where an order number is displayed. If you did not get to the order confirmation screen, the order did not go through. Order confirmation emails are automatically sent...
What do the abbreviations on your bullet product titles mean?
Click Read More for our list of bullet abbreviations and their descriptions
Do you do take back-orders on out of stock items?
No, we do not allow back orders on items. If an item is in stock on our website, then it is in stock. Stock levels are reviewed daily to ensure we do not oversell a product.
Why can't I checkout?
First, I apologize for the difficulty you are having placing your order. We are receiving orders successfully and are not aware of any issues with the website or checkout process. Please try placing your order from a different device or computer. If...
I didn't receive my order confirmation or tracking email.
Order confirmation and tracking emails are automatically sent to the email address supplied with your order. Please check your email address, junk mail/focused inbox settings, and add our domain (evergladesammo.com) to your safe senders list to ensure...
Is this bullet magnetic or does it have a steel core?
Any bullet that is magnetic or has a metal core will be specifically listed as such on our website.
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Do you sell ammunition in bulk for law enforcement or commercial business?
No, this is not something that we currently do.
What type of equipment do you use to load your ammunition?
We use Ammoload and Camdex equipment to perform case processing and ammunition loading. These machines are a step above home reloading equipment in speed, quality, consistency and cost. This enables us to produce very high quality and consistent ammunition...
What type of components do you use to make your ammo?
We use only high-quality components in our ammunition. Our philosophy is to choose our components based on quality, not the lowest price. This philosophy, combined with rigorous testing at the range and constant QC during manufacturing, allows us to ...
How do you process brass for use in your remanufactured ammunition?
All brass is machine and hand sorted. It is then cleaned using a combination of polishes and media designed specifically for ammunition brass. All brass used in our remanufactured ammunition is processed on commercial machinery that inspects the cases...
What type of guns do you use to test your ammunition?
9mm: We use a Glock 17 and Glock 34 to test our 9mm ammunition. All 9mm loads are developed to 132 power factor out of our Glock 17. 40 and 45: This ammunition is typically tested in Glock and 1911 based competition handguns. Please note that temperature...
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Reloading Components
How do you process military brass?
Click Read More for instructions on how we recommend you process and prepare our military brass.
Where do you source your brass?
Our 5.56 and 7.62 brass is normally sourced from government auctions. Most other brass is acquired from private and law enforcement ranges.
Do you sort brass by headstamp?
No, we do not sort brass by headstamp. We do our best to list what the headstamp of the brass is in the item description, but if it is listed as mixed headstamp that is the only way it is available.
How do you clean your range and military brass?
Most brass is cleaned in commercial vibratory machinery with non-abrasive ceramic media and brass-safe water and soap solution.  This process leaves a very clean, dust free product that is great for loading.  Some small batch brass is cleaned...
What are pulled bullets?
Pulled bullets are bullets that have been loaded in to a case and then removed. Because they are not ‘new’, we can offer them at a discounted price. We purchase bullets from companies that specialize in this procedure. Additionally, we always thoroughly...
What does the Bullet Version mean?
The versioned bullets are a way for us to differentiate bullets with similar characteristics. ​ For example, a 223 55gr FMJ. We often have two or three types of this bullets available. Even though the main description is the same, each version ...
What do the abbreviations on your bullet product titles mean?
Click Read More for our list of bullet abbreviations and their descriptions
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Newsletter & Mailing List
How do I use a discount code?
Click Read More for the steps to use your discount code
Do you have a physical print catalog you could send me?
We do not offer a print catalog at this time.
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Firearms & Transfers
Do you do firearms transfers?
We do not accept or process firearms transfers. Please, do not send us your guns!
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Payment Options
Do you accept PayPal?
No, we do not accept Paypal as a payment option because they are anti-gun. Read More for a link to their policy.
Why was my card charged twice?
It is virtually impossible for us to charge your card twice. What you are probably seeing is multiple pending authorizations. This is the case when there was any problem during the checkout process or your transaction was declined. These are not...
Why was my credit card declined?
This error means that your credit card was declined for some reason. We are not provided with details as to why the charge was declined. Typically, this is for one of three reasons: 1) A temporary outage at your credit card company or our processor...
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