45 ACP 230gr FMJ Bullets

45 ACP 230gr Round Nose FMJ Bullets. .451 dia. True jacketed bullets, not plated. Made in the USA. Normally ships same or next business day.

ATTENTION: This product is a component for reloading.
Not Loaded Ammunition.

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45 ACP 230gr Round Nose FMJ Bullets. .451 Diameter. True jacketed bullets, not plated. Made in the USA.


Customer Reviews (165)

1st buyer and will purchase more in the futureReview by Tashon
Overall Rating
Ordered some .45 acp bullets extremely satisfied. Highly recommend this place best prices around. I can't wait to use them again. Happy to get the fast shipping when I did. A+ store. (Posted on 5/14/2020)
First time buyer.Review by Angel
Overall Rating
This is my first time buying bullets to reload ever as im a new reloader. the service was great and the communication was awesome.new customer here thank you. (Posted on 4/23/2020)
45 ACP 230 grain FMJ RNReview by CMR
Overall Rating
They look great i ordered 2,000 of these bullets and 11 bullets were missing. (Posted on 4/19/2020)
Superb BulletsReview by Paul
Overall Rating
After reading so many excellent reviews, I ordered 500 of the .45 ACP 230 grain FMJ RN. The price was great and the free shipping was immediate. I was eager to see how these bullets would perform so I loaded a box of fifty with 4.5 grains of Tite Group at an OAL of 1.235. Shot these rounds today at an indoor range out of an S&W M&P 45 Shield. Fantastic performing bullets! One ragged hole in the bullseye. Thanks, Everglades Ammo, for such a great bullet. (Posted on 2/11/2020)
Unbelievable fast delivery!Review by Dan
Overall Rating
I ordered 2,000 of these bullets, over 60 pounds, and they were at my house in California in just a few days!! From one coast to the other. Actually the shipping weight was almost 100lbs because I also bought 1,000 JHP bullets at the same time.
Both are 1st rate bullets along with the best shipping in the industry.
I'm a small time buyer but I feel like I'm one of their most important customers with this kind if service.
I recommend these guys to all of my reloading friends and they all agree.
I'm a customer for life! (Posted on 1/15/2020)
ExcellentReview by DAVID
Overall Rating
Shipping time was extremely fast!!! Best price for this bullet! Free shipping! Don't know how they do it but it keeps me coming back. (Posted on 10/7/2019)
Just do it! Review by Matt
Overall Rating
Ordered 1000 based on reviews. Loaded them up and headed to the range. That trip was enough to convince me that I had found my new supplier. If your looking at these .. JUST DO IT! Extremely accurate, easy to load, great price with free shipping. Just ordered another 1000. If you reload 45 ACP, forget plated bullets and order these. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 10/5/2019)
Quality FMJ bulletsReview by Tim
Overall Rating
Just what the Dr. Ordered
Loaded on top of 5.8 to 6.3 gr Unique
825 to 850 fps
Fed lg. Pistol primers
Oal 1.255
I love you EA (Posted on 9/2/2019)
Crazy fast shipping! Review by Matt
Overall Rating
Just ordered 1000. Haven't loaded them yet, but they look great. The shipping was CRAZY fast! I ordered them on Sunday and they arrived on Wednesday. If they load and shot as nice as they look, I think I've found my new go to supplier. Two thumbs WAY up! (Posted on 7/25/2019)
Quality Product at a Great PriceReview by Condor
Overall Rating
I ordered 100 to test the bullet, All bullets reloaded without a problem, Passed all my quality checks, and performed well at the range. I will reorder again.
Thanks Everglades (Posted on 12/26/2018)
45 BulletsReview by Bob
Overall Rating
Everglades continues to be the best for reloading supplies. Love the 230 gr beauties. The work great, reload great. Shipping was lightning quick. I will stay with Everglades for sure. (Posted on 11/15/2018)
Excellent product and company. Review by Big Ma
Overall Rating
The Web site was very easy to navigate through. Made the whole ordering process simple.
Shipping was Fantastic, arrived sooner than expected. Package was received with no damage to contents.(Kudos to the shipping department). Bullets were as advertised with only 2 out of spec. (2 out of 500). (228.9 grns, 229.1 grns.) Almost feel stupid about mentioning that, but truth and honesty is what makes this review. This is a Great product for the reloading person who demands quality components. The other reviews were spot on about this company's reputation. So, look no further for fine products, and service. Thanks John... (Posted on 8/5/2018)
First Rate bulletReview by Scott W
Overall Rating
I bought the 230 gr. Rnd Nose bullet for the .45 ACP. These bullets are a fantastic deal. Since other reviews have noted the consistency of bullet weight, I thought I’d focus on bullet profile.

I didn’t invent a process just for this bullet, I have a Norinco 1911 with a strange throat to the rifling and that gun almost killed me when I fired some ammo loaded by a friend.

The ammo was built right to spec out of the Load Book using a 230 gr. Hornady XTP hollowpoint and blue dot powder. The overall length of the cartridge was right on the numbers, but the barrel rifling contacted the bullet when the action closed. The resulting high pressure bulged the case and flattened the primer, plus almost taking off my arm. I eventually replaced that barrel with a Colt barrel after I got tired of designing custom ammo for it.

Anyway, I have a method whereby I drop the bare bullet into the back of the barrel after field stripping the gun. I measure from the back of the bullet to the end of the barrel, and then do calculations assuming case length is per spec. and I’ve checked the headspace with gauges, I can then calculate maximum overall length of my load, I allow .010 - .015 free bore.

The maximum O.L. length using this bullet is 1.270, right out of the Load Book for a standard profile Rnd Nose FMJ.

One other thing, I loaded 10 each test cartridges using once-fired brass sorted to .893 - .898 case length, and Winchester 231 powder from 5.7 to 6.2 grains. For some reason, the 10 rounds at 6.2 grains produced a range of velocities with 6 fps of each other. I don’t expect this to be true always, but there’s obviously nothing second rate about these bullets.
(Posted on 5/9/2018)
Great service and productReview by Edris
Overall Rating
Bullets are great .On delivery the box was broke open and one bag of bullets broke open. 36 bullets were missing. One email and and fast response, I was sent a box of 50 in 2 days. First class company . (Posted on 3/27/2018)
Great bulletReview by Doug
Overall Rating
These are all I use. Great price for the quality. I measure and weigh a sampling from each shipment and have found them to be excellent. Haven't found one more than 0.1 grains off. All have been .451 to ,452 diameter. IMHO these are the best value on the market. (Posted on 11/28/2017)
45 acp bulletsReview by zouave
Overall Rating
these bullets are great!! I am very happy with them. they load so easy and cycle in my pistol great. (Posted on 9/10/2017)
Measurements and weightsReview by Jack Ace
Overall Rating
I saw Everglades Ammo while searching for bulk 230 grain FMJ .45 ACP bullets on the "Ol' innerweb". I have been using H----dy for a long time and have always been satisfied with quality and price. Imagine my surprise when I found Everglades bullets for 2000 bullets for a lower price than I can buy 1500 H----dy bullets. I went and ordered 100 as a sample on 8/3 and received them on 8/5 in New Hampshire. I weighed each bullet and found that all but two bullets varied betweem 230.0 gr. and 230.9 gr. The two that were not in that range were 229.9 gr. and 231.0. This is pretty much the same as H----dy. The diameters of all the bullets were mostly between .4520 and .4525 ten thousandths of an inch. with a couple being between .4515 and .4520 which is well within the range of diameters of H----dy. The bullets are bright and shiny and I cannot find any difference between Everglades and that other company. I will be buying another 2000 this month. Thanks Everglades! (Posted on 8/5/2017)
Great bullets at great price Review by Scrubcat
Overall Rating
Delighted with the selection, speed of shipping and quality of your items. Glad my reloading buddy turned me on to your site! I definitely will be back for more!!! These 45 FMJ rounds are uniform and consistent in weight and finish. They pattern very well in the load I've worked up. Thanks! (Posted on 7/29/2017)
Everything saidReview by John
Overall Rating
About these slugs by the five star ratings is true.
Everglades ships fast and the product received is better than stated.
Buy with confidence!

Semper FI (Posted on 5/30/2017)
Great bulletsReview by JoeCool
Overall Rating
I just received my third order of 500 of these bullets. They are great bullets and the price is right, especially if you consider the free shipping!! Shipping is fast too!! I'll keep ordering these. (Posted on 5/9/2017)

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