45 ACP Fired Brass

45 ACP fired cleaned brass

May contain large and small primer brass.

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45 ACP brass from local private and law enforcement ranges. This brass has been hand sorted and cleaned to remove dirt and debris. May contain large and small primer brass.


Customer Reviews (57)

Nice BrassReview by Zack
Overall Rating
This brass is high quality and can't beat the price anywhere. I highly recommend this brass to anybody that wants once fired brass at a reasonable price. (Posted on 1/10/2020)
This is Nice BrassReview by Gandalf The Bum
Overall Rating
Half the fun of reloading is going thru my Brass, reloading is my favorite "me" time, Fam leaves me alone. Its just fun - bonding time with my son .... so i get some variations in primer size - not an issue for me ...the brass i got was very nice . some bad 1 or 2 live primers, more than enough extra given to compensate for any bad ones. I will for sure be buying from this site, i am in CA and i got my product super fast. Please remember to support these companies that provide the reloading community . in California they are really making it hard for legit gun owners even to buy Ammo. You cannot buy ammo for a gun that is not registered in your name. we dont have to register to buy reloading supplies (YET) - but its coming ...just make sure you keep up the fight in your state....thank you Everglades Ammo (Posted on 10/26/2019)
Great value.Review by Michael
Overall Rating
Sure there was some small primers. Who cares? Sort and load separately. Nice clean brass, and shipped lightening fast. Great job guys! (Posted on 6/22/2019)
Awesome. Review by Big and small primer pockets.
Overall Rating
Ordered 500 of these expecting a batch of both big and small primer pockets. 78 small primers to be exact, not a big deal. Loaded all 422 large primer pockets and fired all 422 within 5 days. All 422 performed just as well as the other 400 factory new rounds I took for a defensive handgun class. I will be ordering more very soon. (Posted on 5/14/2019)
Not so hotReview by Beowulf
Overall Rating
Ordered 500 just to see and glad it was only 500. Got 522 and one 9mm and all but 3 were usable HOWEVER this lot had 37 different headstamps and only three brands had 50 or more. 20% are small primers and thats higher than expected and half the brands were nothing what I have heard of before and I shoot a lot and have for over half a century. With all the oddball cases I am going to have to check for berdan primed cases. The USPS box was mangled but not EA's fault but the 300AAC cases were rolling around inside the box. Next time I get 45 from here I'll wait until the nickle is back in stock again then buy a bunch. Shipping was quick and the bullets and 300 AAC brass are fantastic! (Posted on 3/16/2019)
Mixed primer pocketsReview by tooloco515
Overall Rating
Most of the orders I have placed have been great, brass is great . I do wish you would have said that the primer pockets were not sorted to be of one kind. Not every pistol will shoot small pistol 45's. I would have refrained and bought new brass as I only use large pistol primers for my 45's.
*** EvergladesAmmo.com Note *** - We apologize for the misunderstanding. Please note that the product description clearly states that there may be both large and small primer 45 brass in the product. (Posted on 2/23/2019)
45 ACP Fired BrassReview by Ted
Overall Rating
Ordered 1000, good clean brass, all usable. Got about 10% small primers. I generally sort and save them up then process them all at once - no problem.
QUALITY brass, FAST service, GREAT price. Outstanding !!!
Thanks (Posted on 2/6/2019)
Great jobReview by Leon
Overall Rating
I have orordered brass and bulletbullets several times in the past and have been highly satisfied. Your family does a great job and takes pride in your product. Thanks (Posted on 1/11/2019)
Good brassReview by Clay
Overall Rating
Out of 1000 i had 105 small primer,and nine 10mm. Several bent cases due to bag exploding in the box.
(Posted on 12/29/2018)
13% Small Primer, Interior could be cleanerReview by John
Overall Rating
I tried this brass as they are out of the nickle range brass. Aside from some ceramic media in a few of the flash holes I have been very happy with the nickle plated brass. Nothing stuck in the flash holes on this brass but in the first 500 I inspected I found 64 with small primer pockets and 20 pieces of S&B brass with its tight primer pockets.

I fully understand that it is indicated that there can be brass with small primer pockets with this brass. I included this for information only. It is not a complaint. My only minor complaints are that the inside of this brass could be cleaner and that there are some pieces with significant head deformation. I suspect the deformed pieces were fired from a full auto firearm.

For me the nickle range brass wins hands down. I am waiting for it to come back into stock.


John (Posted on 11/29/2018)
Very cleanReview by AL
Overall Rating
Ordered 500 45 ACP range brass,it looked new ,received 517 ,61 were sm.primers .All were useable.Will use this company again. (Posted on 4/18/2018)
ExcellentReview by calvin
Overall Rating
This is the best range brass I've seen. Great sorting - out of 500+ rounds, there were no unusable cases, only one with a dented case mouth (easily fixed), and one 9mm. All cases were polished like new. Out of the batch, there were 48 small primer cases. That's actually an advantage for me, because I only use small primer cases to form 400 CorBon brass.
Good job, Steve & Dave. Thanks! (Posted on 4/7/2018)
Great product as usualReview by Tomcat
Overall Rating
Ordered 500 pieces very clean none damaged beyond use and plenty of extras. About 60 % large primer 40% small primer no big deal to me, but if you expect all same primer size order new. Great job guys will be back for more later! (Posted on 3/31/2018)
Brass and bulletsReview by Jason
Overall Rating
very pleased with the product and customer service. Defiantly have a customer for a long time! (Posted on 2/1/2018)
First purchaseReview by Mush
Overall Rating
Great looking brass. Only had 66 small primer casings. They get put away for when I won't be able to get large primer like during the past 8 years. I will order from this company in the future. Great price and fast delivery. Thanks (Posted on 1/31/2018)
45 cal. brassReview by Artyman
Overall Rating
My order for 500 45 cal. brass came yesterday. The brass was very clean, it looked like brand new brass. I have been ordering brass from Everglades for over four years and it has always been GREAT! My order was on time, I had NO bad cases and it had 28 extra cases. If you need brass this is the BEST place to buy! (Posted on 1/17/2018)
Awesome Brass for Once Fired!!Review by George S
Overall Rating
Just received my order of 500 rounds of Once Fired .45ACP Brass and I could NOT be more pleased. If it wasn't from the spent primers in the case I would swear these were brand new cases. They are extremely well cleaned inside and out all ready for me to de-prime/resize and go from there. No defective of crushed cases in the bunch. EVERGLADES AMMUNITION is my new reloading component store, not a local store in the area can beat their excellent prices or quality! (Posted on 11/25/2017)
OK but inspect all cases carefully.Review by Ken
Overall Rating
I purchased 500 ( once used ??) .45 ACP cases.I received 526 cases of which 229 were small primer. The remainder were a mix of mostly Federal or Winchester cases with 23 of the large primer cases of questionable reliability so off to the smelter they go. The majority of the remaining cases appear to have had either multiple reloads or extremely rough usage by whatever weapon they were used in. This still keeps the price per case below $0.10 each which beats $0.20 each for new brass cases. (Posted on 11/20/2017)
Shocked!Review by widdler
Overall Rating
WOW, I wasn't expecting it to get here so soon. Living in Hawaii, ground shipping usually means boat, which takes a month. Less than a week! you guys are awesome! and the brass? compared to what I've been scrounging up here, this stuff looks straight out the factory. Not even gonna bother tumbling it, I'll definitely be ordering more and telling my friends about it too. TWO THUMBS! Thanks again guys (Posted on 10/31/2017)
More great brassReview by richnmib
Overall Rating
Ordered 500 pieces and only one had a bent neck that could not be loaded. I didn't count them all, but I only had 60 small primers so I will put those aside for now. This was my second order of range brass and I am pleased and will order again. Shiny, clean and fast shipping, what is not to like! (Posted on 7/28/2017)

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