45 ACP Fired Brass

45 ACP fired cleaned brass

May contain large and small primer brass.

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45 ACP brass from local private and law enforcement ranges. This brass has been hand sorted and cleaned to remove dirt and debris. May contain large and small primer brass.


Customer Reviews (55)

Great productReview by Harry so
Overall Rating
I got my 500 brass and love the fast shipping. At my door within a week. Packaged really well. I'll definitely be ordering more. (Posted on 3/8/2017)
76.4% small primersReview by animal
Overall Rating
In the past 30 days I have ordered 3 500 piece individual orders. When you add them all together 1500 they came out 76.4% small primers. So many that I had to set up a new work station just to prime the small the primers for the 45 at a cost of about $55.00. But as usual shipping was faster than a lightning bolt and the brass is beautiful. Got one 357 Sig and 11 40 cals to boot. If you are not willing to set up to do the small primers I would advise purchasing elsewhere but now that I am I will continue to purchase these. Excellent service (Posted on 11/12/2016)
There where more small primers than I would have liked 229 out of 500Review by animal
Overall Rating
There where more small primers than I would have liked 229 out of 500 all most 1/2 but fast shipping & good looking brass only 4unusable (Posted on 10/18/2016)
Great dealReview by Tom-R2
Overall Rating
Ordered 500, received 505, all good, cleaned pieces. I have a handful of small primer brass already, so I didn't mind the small/large split in this order. Mine turned out to be 317 large, and 188 small. I just use a Sharpie marker to mark the small primer brass so that if it gets mixed together on the range, it's a little easier to separate it back out when I get home. Great value for the price, in my opinion. (Posted on 9/25/2016)
excellent brass excellent priceReview by chief
Overall Rating
brass is clean and ready to reload! Can't wait to get to the bench and work up a load for the small primer with 185 gr JHP as i have never used small primers.everglades, you have a customer for life! (Posted on 9/16/2016)
45ACP brass Once firedReview by Seabee Shooter
Overall Rating
Note- Its says may contain SM & LG primer Brass. If you only want SM or LG don't buy it and post a crappy review.

- Brass came in as always in great shape .Got 29 extras so good to go. I will be back often. (Posted on 9/12/2016)
Small Primers Galore Review by wolfe
Overall Rating
163 small primers out of 500. Beware if you don't want to, or don't have the supplies to load small primers there certainly isn't "just some here or there." A large portion is S.P. For a few extra bucks elsewhere you can get the same qty and be assured large primers only - I know I will be looking to those suppliers in the future (Posted on 5/18/2016)
Small primersReview by Gary
Overall Rating
Just finished sorting out my 1000 pieces of brass. Unfortunately over 40% was small primer. The brass is perfect in all aspects. Delivery is as always quick and only one piece of bad brass! All Federal stamps! (Posted on 4/5/2016)
They Work...Review by thekid
Overall Rating
There where more small primers than I would have liked but overall good product and good value. The part that really amazed me was that I ordered Friday morning and received Monday afternoon, I live in bush Alaska. (Posted on 2/2/2016)
Freakishly fast!!!Review by Norseman4
Overall Rating
As always, Everglades provides a great product and amazingly fast. 3 days after ordering, it arrived. Ordered 1K and first bag was about half Federal small-pocket. The rest was all large-pocket except for a few Blazers. What the heck, they all go bang of you put the right primer in.
Well over the 500 marked on each bag. At least 550.
Thanks again Everglades (Posted on 2/1/2016)
45 ACP Fired Brass - 1000 PiecesReview by Maxell
Overall Rating
Ordered Monday night received Friday morning. This 45 ACP brass actually looked like brand new, nice shinny and very clean.
The piece count was about 1030 which is like extra 3% .The only problem people may have 27% (272 pieces exactly) of it was small primer (all small primer had federal head stamps but those REALLY look like brand new ). The small primer its no big deal for me because I will reload them anyway. (Posted on 8/2/2015)
Great brassReview by PracticalReloading
Overall Rating
Shipped super fast (priority mail). I sifted through them and found about 5 that looked dirty. The remainder is very clean and does not need to be tumbled. No dents, rings or marks on anything I looked at so far. Nice brass. Would order again. (Posted on 7/28/2015)
Very happy with this brass. Review by Mike
Overall Rating
I was very impressed with this brass. Very clean, only one case was out of round of over a 1000 cases. Fast shipping as always, great price. I have made several orders all have been great, no problems. Everglades products are top of the line for the price any one who have only looked at buying from this company you loose because you are passing up great products. That means more for the smart people that can keep shooting at a lower cost and have it my way. I will buy as long as I can from Everglades. (Posted on 7/18/2015)
Out standing !!!Review by Remmie
Overall Rating
These are now my "go to Guys" for once fired brass. The best price I have found, and you don't get ripped off on shipping like some of the big names. Count was actually over by 27. Very few small primer pockets, which really doesn't matter much to me. I already load .38,9mm and 380 so there are plenty of small primers here. (Posted on 6/10/2015)
Great ProductReview by D
Overall Rating
Great Product and fast service, Received shipment FAST!!!!!!

Good Job! Thats why I always use your product. (Posted on 5/28/2015)
Awesome product, great seller, i would recommend Review by Junior
Overall Rating
45 ACP brass actually looked brand new, the 230 gr round noise projectiles were awesome and very easy to reload. Once on the range with above loaded with 5.7 grains of 231 Winchester power they were shot in 4 of my 1911 pistols. There were no malfunctions, very accurate & with what I purchased above the bullets looked like they had just came from a store. Very pleased with Everglades product & look forward to buying more.
Great job EVERGLADES. I would recommend this product. Johnny (Posted on 4/16/2015)
great brass for once firedReview by jim13a
Overall Rating
I was buying brass from out of state, got a good deal too.
But I asked everglades ammo about theirs and it is $2.00 dollars more per thousand. Still a great deal, plus I don't have to wait on shipping as I pick up from them.
Haven't had any bad brass yet and they usually give you extra anyway. Definitely the way to go! (Posted on 11/12/2014)
Excellant Brass. Review by JOHNNIE
Overall Rating
Took a little longer than normal . Ordered on Wednesday and received on Monday. Only had 1 unrepairable case, had 123 small primers and 931 large, with 1 with a good primer in it. These were easy to work with and had all processed and ready for powder and bullet in 4 hours. Will order more soon along with another case of 230 gr JHP from Everglades. Hope to get more large primers as I had ordered 25000 large pistol ,primers, will use up just fine. Thanks Everglades for being an HONEST SUPPLIER. (Posted on 10/30/2014)
Nice Brass...Review by Don
Overall Rating
Received promptly within 3 days of order. The brass is very clean. Counted 1055 pieces of those about 150 were small primer which I don't mind at all, they will load up too! I will definitely buy more. Thanks! (Posted on 9/27/2014)
Good deal...!!!Review by Papo
Overall Rating
I have loaded about 800 out of 1000 so far and all processed fine, two had case mouth crush but ironed out OK with a Lyman M die and sizing. Lots of extra's in the box. Sorted out the 150 or so small pistol primer cases and loaded these separately. Yes they shoot just fine too. (Posted on 9/23/2014)

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