9mm Range Brass

9mm Range Brass

This brass is cleaned, 9mm range brass. Mixed headstamp brass sourced from private and law enforcement ranges. We use a dust-free cleaning process that polishes the cases and removes dirt, sand or other foreign matter. The brass is hand sorted to remove unserviceable pieces and extra brass is included to cover any damaged pieces missed during the inspection process.

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9mm Range Brass

This brass is cleaned, 9mm range brass. Mixed headstamp brass sourced from private and law enforcement ranges. We use a dust-free cleaning process that polishes the cases and removes dirt, sand or other foreign matter. The brass is hand sorted to remove unserviceable pieces and extra brass is included to cover any damaged pieces missed during the inspection process. This brass may contain a small number of pieces with crimped primer pockets.


Customer Reviews (71)

Good companyReview by William
Overall Rating
Great company, great products, fair price and excellent shipping very fast. Will always buy from them. (Posted on 8/6/2019)
Great brass!!Review by marine61
Overall Rating
This was my 6th order of brass from Everglades and was as excellent as the previous 5. Have found the range brass to be just the ticket for those of us that can't or won't for various reasons pick up used brass at the range. Great job Everglades!! (Posted on 6/23/2019)
Acceptable / Good ValueReview by Ryan
Overall Rating
What you see is what you get. These weren't exceptional by any means, but are very clean and a great value on sale if your short on your own range pickups. Cases have water spots on them, so I'm guessing they were wet tumbled. These cases need to be inspected before loading or as part of your process while loading -- they're not something you can just load in the case feeder and roll.

I loaded 400 cases this morning and only came across three crimped cases and two cases that were not loadable. Watch out for maxxtech cases. I found one in my batch and loading this case could have caused a catastrophic failure / KB. I also found a 22 case and a .380 case in my batch.
(Posted on 4/25/2019)
9mm range brassReview by nubee
Overall Rating
Received order quick even after I forgot a number on my zip code. I haven't used any at this point. I am new to reloading and research everything a lot. I have not seen one negative review about Everglade anywhere. I am sure my order will be fine. Looks as advertised. (Posted on 4/17/2019)
Very pleased with the quality of this brassReview by John
Overall Rating
New to reloading and way too lazy to pick up brass. This brass is very clean and as advertised is a very high percentage of once fired.

I'd bought from another supplier previously and gotten a 50/50 mix almost of previously reloaded and once fire. It also had a high percentage of unusable brass because of crimped primer pockets (Military?)

While no provider can sort out all the crimped primer pocket brass, Everglades seems to have much less.

Pleased, will continue to buy my brass here

(Posted on 4/16/2019)
40 Cal brassReview by Robert
Overall Rating
Just as said in description. Mixed head stamps an cleaned. They were not deprimed but that gave me a reason to look over every casing to make sure they were good. Got some 357 sig but as the rest say it's common (Posted on 4/15/2019)
Nice brassReview by Doggy dog
Overall Rating
Ordered 1000 pieces of 9mm range brass. Delivery was excellent and love the quality of the brass. Haven't reloaded it yet but when i do i will deprime and resize and clean one more time. Very satisfied with everything. (Posted on 4/2/2019)
Do you want 9mm cheap?Review by Pete
Overall Rating
Buy the 40lb mixed range brass (Posted on 2/22/2019)
Second 1000 just ordered More.Review by TecheMan
Overall Rating
I’m building up my brass cases for rotation I’d some older brass and this Company has the best price and extremely quick FREE SHIPPING which is a big part of me trying them. The product is very clean Range Brass so you will get a lot of mixed cases. I got 999 reusable cases, some need swaging but what a steal. You Rock Everglades Ammunition
I just placed my 3rd order and added some bullets this time.
TecheMan (Posted on 2/18/2019)
It gets no better than Everglades Review by Winmag45
Overall Rating
I can never say enough about the items I order. You cant beat the price, the fast shipping and free shipping. Always more than you order just to be sure the count is right. Anyone looking to buy brass or bullets, you can count that you are getting a great product and price. I will continue to buy and not worry about the the service I get from Everglades, always top notch. (Posted on 2/9/2019)
Be sure to sort before you loadReview by QuietMike
Overall Rating
Brass was in very good shape, no dents or cracks, and pretty clean. I took a sample of 500, and had about 75 that i could not use. most were Freedom Munitions, which have a reduced case volume insert in their cases - do not reload these because the case volume is not standard. There were about 10 NATO crimped and a few others that popped my de-priming pin out. everything thing else was fine. Its not Everglades fault since these are just range pickups, whatever people shoot is what comes back. Just be sure to sort ahead of time. (Posted on 2/8/2019)
claenlinessReview by Randy
Overall Rating
Although thebrass is in good shape, clean it is not. Grabbed a handful from the bag, and almost half still have burnt powder in them. (Posted on 2/8/2019)
Great Product Review by TecheMan
Overall Rating
This Company handles business, delivery was fast, product is excellent, exactly what is described. It’s clean and ready to reload. They had it on sale with free shipping and every thing went as advertised. Nice Job Everglades Ammunition.
TecheMan (Posted on 2/4/2019)
9mm range brass Review by Bryan
Overall Rating
I ordered 1000 pieces of 9mm range brass. The brass was shiny and clean. My order was damaged in shipping and recieved less than half my order. I contacted them through email and they responded quickly. With a few pictures for proof of damage they sent out what i lost with no headache will definitely use them again! Thanks Everglades! (Posted on 1/28/2019)
Great brassReview by Hpj
Overall Rating
Received 1000+ ,arrived fast clean ready to reload.
(Posted on 1/26/2019)
Good to BuyReview by Mike M
Overall Rating
This was my first purchase, bought a 1000 rds of 9mm. I was impressed. The brass was clean and could pass as brand new, except for spent primers still there. In the first 500, I found two Maxx Tech pieces. Tossed them away, don't want to experiment with wildcat brass.

Good stuff, I will buy again. (Posted on 1/25/2019)
Great ProductReview by Thomas J
Overall Rating
Just finished the last of the thousand range brass I purchased a short time ago and now I can say this is great brass not one bad case (NOT ONE) how great is that I also use the bullets they sell and they are a good buy a really good company to deal with. I was not given anything for this review it is just my opinion on the products. (Posted on 1/19/2019)
Excellent range brassReview by Mike
Overall Rating
extremely happy with my purchase my package got damaged during shipping and lost half of the brass so I contacted Everglades explain what happened and they replied to me within an hour and they ship me another bag very happy pleasure doing business with (Posted on 1/11/2019)
Awesome Range Brass / Very SatisfiedReview by John R
Overall Rating
We have purchased over 10K pieces of this range brass from Everglades. This brass is in great shape and of good quality. Do you get the occasional piece that is not serviceable, off course you do that is to be expected. I know we have used a considerable amount of this brass so far to reload for the 2019 season and we could not be happier. Adding this brass to what we have recovered from several ranges has given us a good supply for 2019........ Thank you to all the Everglades Staff for everything you do for the shooting community!! (Posted on 12/12/2018)
9mm range brass is awesomeReview by Blasterman
Overall Rating
Just received 1000 piece shipment of 9mm range brass. This brass is awesome, it is so clean that I didn't have to do a thing just resided and decapped 500 , and didn't have to put any through the bulge buster they fit the ammo checker perfectly I will definatly buy these again..... (Posted on 12/2/2018)

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