8-Pound Hodgdon CFE BLK

Hodgdon CFE BLK 8lb

IMR - 4227 Smokeless Magnum Pistol Powder

IMR 4227 8lb

IMR Green 8lb

IMR Green - 8lb

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IMR Green - 8lb
Smokeless Powder
8lb Net Wt.

IMR Green burns slightly slower than IMR RED, making it an ideal handicap trap powder and a favorite with sporting clays enthusiasts. This allows the shooter to reach maximum velocity with heavy 1- 1/8-oz. target loads. Accommodates loads from 7/8 to 1-1/8 -oz. 12-gauge loads. Produces excellent light 3⁄4-oz., 20- gauge target loads, especially in Remington STS and Winchester AA HS shells. For shotshell usage, powder densities are similar to competitor data and handloaders may use the same bushing charts.

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