223 75gr JHP BT With Cannelure Bullets

223 75gr JHP-BT WC Reloading Bullets for loading 223 or 5.56 brass. 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 75 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point with Boat Tail. A very nice quality projectile. This bullet does have a cannelure. These are reloading bullets, not loaded ammunition.

ATTENTION: This product is a component for reloading.
Not Loaded Ammunition.

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223 75gr JHP-BT WC Reloading Bullets for loading 223 or 5.56 brass. 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 75 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Boat Tail. This bullet does have a cannelure. These are reloading bullets, not loaded ammunition.


Customer Reviews (11)

75gr bthp Review by Jake
Overall Rating
I was really impressed with these bullets. 200 yards with a 1/7 18" barrel 1inch all day long . Awesome quality thanks for the great product (Posted on 3/28/2020)
Vary accurate and DRT bulletsReview by Sparks
Overall Rating
I have been having a difficult time finding a FAIR price bullet in 69 -77 gr bullet that can be used for praticing for difficult predator hunting the Hells Canyon area of oregon. These bullets do it all at an exceptional price. The service is second to none. Nothing has went but a very short distance if any. I can harvest the pelts and or the meat. Great on deer, coyote and cougar. My crawl the canyon rifle is an AR wylde action with a 16 barrel and 1 to 8 twist. 4 powders shoot well under or at 1 moa. I ordered 500 and now another 1000. (Posted on 11/25/2019)
Excellent Bullets at a Good priceReview by Tulman
Overall Rating
Good fast and free shipping. These easily shoot sub-moa at 100 yards and consistent dinging 10 inch plate at 500 yards. These are my go to guys for almost all reloading bullets. Very happy with every caliber I have used to date. (Posted on 11/4/2019)
Good roundsReview by Lew
Overall Rating
Will buy here good price. (Posted on 11/23/2018)
Near Match Performance Review by Jeff
Overall Rating
Just bought 500 of the 75 grain .223 bullets. These are the non match version with cannelure.
These will easily shoot sub-moa with H335 or Varget. I’m getting consistent groups of .8 MOA or less counting flyers.
Getting .4 MOA group if you omit the flyer. Anyway, I will buy more. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
However you do need to do load development and not try to use your Hornaday load data. At least I had to back off a 1/2 grain to get good groups with varget (Posted on 9/4/2018)
Great bulletsReview by curtis
Overall Rating
Finding a reasonably priced 75 gr 224 is near impossible. There is no way you will convince me that an 80 cent bullet will fly better than this 17 cent one. If you prefer preening and showing off your bullets with their pretty colored tips. this isn't your bullet. I like flinging lots of lead downrange. I shoot mostly 20" AR's w/1-7 twist the 75 gr is ideal for this application. (Posted on 8/9/2018)
ExcellentReview by Alex
Overall Rating
Excellent bullet very accurate in my Mossberg bolt action varminter using varget powder killed my largest bodied deer ever a 9 pointer carcass weight 229lbs at 65 yds 1 shot one kill he never took another step this round literally exploded his heart! (Posted on 4/9/2017)
Hog killers Review by DROCK
Overall Rating
Got great groups out of these at the range and 2 DRT kills on big hogs on last trip out. Would definitely recommend. (Posted on 2/14/2017)
super accurateReview by Mark
Overall Rating
I like the fact that you can get them with a cannelure. These are my go to folks for bullets and brass from now on. (Posted on 7/18/2016)
Excellent bulletsReview by Cole
Overall Rating
These 75gr hpbt bullets are very accurate. They are excellent at close range also. I will be buying more of these! (Posted on 12/11/2015)
Great quality bullets!Review by Springer
Overall Rating
I'm very pleased with these bullets. At 100 yards I can shoot 1 moa and less off a bipod using my Colt 6940 or my BCM. I've tried a myriad of powders and they all work well, when using these bullets. I highly recommend these and Everglades Ammo. (Posted on 1/11/2014)

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