300 Blackout 200gr Plated Bullets

Designed for use with the AR platform, boasts a profile that is perfect for loading 300 Blackout ammunition. 
.309 Diameter, 200gr plated bullets. 
Max Velocity - 1,300 fps.
These are new bullets.

ATTENTION: This product is a component for reloading.
Not Loaded Ammunition.

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Designed for use with the AR platform, boasts a profile that is perfect for loading 300 Blackout ammunition. .309 Diameter, 200gr plated bullets.
Max Velocity - 1,300 fps. These are new bullets.


Customer Reviews (11)

Excellant ValueReview by Russ
Overall Rating
Bought 500 of these and they have worked great suppressed and non suppressed, I will keep buying these bullets. Great price and service (Posted on 12/11/2019)
Very goodReview by ANDREW
Overall Rating
I bought 500 of these, have made loads from 11.0gr up to 11.8gr of CFE BLK and shoot out of a 8.5" PSA rifle with great results! Will be ordering more. These are fully copper plated. (Posted on 11/23/2019)
Great BulletsReview by Beverly
Overall Rating
My first order of 250 worked so well I'm ordering more. Great price and great service. (Posted on 8/11/2019)
Very pleasedReview by Bunky
Overall Rating
Started reloading these for subsonic in my AR 300 blackout pistol with 7.5" barrel. I found the sweet spot with Accurate 1680 at 11.9 - 12.0 grains. OAL at 2.120 and fps was at 1045. No can, great feed and cycle, and the bolt locks back every time. My groups were not tight like I wanted and thought it was the bullet first. Once I bumped up my grains to arrive at the 1050 fps mark. Everything came in at the size of a quarter at 35 yards.
So yes.... I will be getting more now that I got my load dialed in. Great bullet!!!.... (Posted on 3/5/2019)
Good projectiles.Review by Brian
Overall Rating
Fast shipping. Great price on a good product. Will order more from these folks in the future. These plated bullets shoot as well as jacketed projectiles for less money (Posted on 2/21/2019)
Great Blackout bullet!Review by EricB
Overall Rating
Great subsonic plinking bullet. I'm running these at 2.16 oal over 11 grains of RL 7. Chrono ~ 980 out of a 7.5 inch SBR with Osprey 9 suppressor. 3/4 inch group at 50 yards. Will be buying a whole lot more. (Posted on 2/10/2019)
Great bulletReview by Russell
Overall Rating
ordered 1000. I have shot around 250 with great success. This is my favorite economy blackout bullet by far. I'm getting consistently good groups out to 50 yards. Loading at 2.20 OAL, 10.5 gr 1680 powder, cci primers, lake city converted brass. Highly recommend. (Posted on 1/5/2019)
Excellent bullet for the price!Review by Corey
Overall Rating
I'm on my second order now and have had no FTF or any problems whatsoever.
Plan on buying more in the future. (Posted on 12/26/2018)
The best 300BLK bullets for subsonic!Review by Brandon
Overall Rating
I am extremely happy with these 200gr plated 300 bullets. I load these subsonic with 1680 powder, CCI primers, and cut 5.56 brass. I shoot through a YHM LT can and these are perfect; quieter than my .22 and are surprisingly very accurate. I have not had any FTF, jams, or feed issues at all. I ordered another thousand and plan to order more once I get through those. The price is great as well, as factory subsonic loads can get very expensive and these bullets allow me to shoot more than I normally would. Highly recommended! (Posted on 10/8/2018)
Perfect PerformanceReview by Ronn - SeaLeopard
Overall Rating
The 300 Blackout 200gr Plated Bullets are perfect for my 10.5 Blackout with the ease of reloading and in combination with my powder choice reaches out beyond my expectations for CQ+ applications. I will definitely re-stock. (Posted on 6/4/2018)
What I have been looking forReview by Range Owner
Overall Rating
I shoot a lot of 300 Blackout . I have been looking for a heavy bullet for subs that is functional and affordable This is it. I bought 500 and after working up a solid sub load I made up 200 and gave six of my 3 gun buddy's each a 30 round mag full and told them to make the gun fail. One of my guns or one of there's, Short barrel or long barrel, With a can or without, did not matter. All 200 rounds were perfect and I'm very happy. I'm using IMR 4227 because it fills the case better and I am a little shorter to reduce the dead air space in the case. Seems to get a more constant ignition. CCI 400 primers. Will order several thousand at a time from here on out. Thanks Everglades, as all ways it a pleasure doing business with you. (Posted on 5/20/2018)

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