308 Military Brass

308 Military Brass

Brass is once fired military brass. This lot appears to be predominantly Lake City, WCC and TAA but may contain other government contract brass. All brass is NATO spec (7.62mm x 51mm) and top quality. Brass has been cleaned but is otherwise unprocessed. Brass will need to be full length sized, trimmed, de-primed and have primer pockets reamed before loading. Boxer Primed.
This product normally ships the same or next business day.

See Video Below on Proper Re-sizing

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308 Military Brass
Brass is once fired military brass. We use a dust-free cleaning process that polishes the cases and removes dirt, sand or other foreign matter. The brass is hand sorted to remove unservicable pieces and extra brass is included to cover any damaged pieces missed during the inspection process.
This product normally ships the same or next business day.


Customer Reviews (161)

Excellent military 308 brassReview by Harold
Overall Rating
I’m very pleased with my recently-purchased 308 once-fired brass. It was all Lake City 2014, 15 & 17. The thick-walled military brass needs a bit more oomph to resize compared with commercial brass, but the result is a confidence-inspiring cartridge. I had only a little over 2% dropout rate for various issues. I highly recommend Everglades as your source for once-fired brass, and I know I’ll be a repeat customer. (Posted on 12/27/2019)
High qualityReview by Seaknight1975
Overall Rating
I ordered 250 rounds of this brass. It's very clean. Out of 250+ pieces I found 1 that may be a problem. Other than that 1 the rest were perfect. You can't go wrong with this brass. I plan on ordering more. (Posted on 12/13/2019)
.308 Military Brass - Good Stuff!Review by Dale
Overall Rating
Well, I was a first time customer and ordered 500 pc of the .308 military brass. I received it today, and I am impressed. Good stuff, all Lake City (100%), primarily '14. There's a couple of scratch/dent pieces, but I could not be more pleased. It was packed well for shipment. So, I am no longer a first time customer. Just ordered another 1k of .308 military brass. Thanks folks! (Posted on 4/12/2019)
Very good brassReview by Ren
Overall Rating
Getting back into the reload world and needed a source for brass since I don't have a source with the Gunner's Mates anymore. Accurate round count, no berdan's, only 3 borked cases and like 20 that need a little more TLC to salvage. Otherwise its very clean and ready to put into the processing cycle I would and will buy more! (Posted on 3/21/2019)
Excellent Cases and BulletsReview by Hauptmann
Overall Rating
I ordered once-fired .308 military cases, pulled .308 bullets and 55 gr. soft point .223 bullets - and couldn't be more pleased. The cases were all LC 14 and of the 500 ordered, I received about 525 and only had five that could not be salvaged. The bullets, like the cases, were immaculate and in perfect condition.
I've read some criticisms of packing but Everglades has listened to their customers and the packing was excellent: The priority box was taped all around and held together very well for a heavy package; the packing of the box was tight and the bags for cases and bullets were of heavy plastic that only had a couple of minor splits that did not damage any of the contents and, really, has to be expected with high speed handling by the USPS and the weight of the box.
The speed of shipping from Everglades is legendary but always comes as a happy surprise compared to most vendors.
For speed, price and selection, Everglades is my only go-to reloading source. (Posted on 8/21/2018)
ForgotReview by Bullard Bearwel
Overall Rating
Forgot to rate the cases.
5 stars.
Would definitely recommend them to anyone. (Posted on 8/15/2018)
Outstanding for the price!Review by Bullard Bearwel
Overall Rating
I resize these rifle cases on a Lee Load Master as a dedicated step. Station 1 is a RCBS lube die #2. Station 2 is a RCBS small base sizing die (Station 2 has the priming priming option removed and station base is heavily reinforced for heavy resizing). I only resize 1 time, even though its machine gun fired cases. No chambering problems encountered with my bolt guns, my 2 M1as, and an LR308 with a match chamber.
I use a Lee FCD collet crimp die as the final step and no trimming necessary.
Great brass delivered for free at warp speed. (Posted on 8/15/2018)
ill buy againReview by tph
Overall Rating
fairly even split b/w lc14 and lc16. extras covered any culls and then some. ive made several orders w everglades and been happy each time. buy with confidence. (Posted on 7/25/2018)
Superior as usualReview by Keith
Overall Rating
Great brass, not a cull in the lot. You just can't beat this place. Great prices, products and service. I'll keep coming back. I haven't had a less than excellent experience yet. (Posted on 2/10/2018)
Good BuyReview by Kevin
Overall Rating
Clean brass, only 1 or two I'l reject, almost all LC with an occasional other. Highly recommended (Posted on 1/31/2018)
Good ValueReview by USGrant
Overall Rating
Sorted thru the case and only had 3 out 250 that I will discard. Cases are
clean LC 11 and 16 primarily and a few in between. Worth the money.
Thank you. (Posted on 1/14/2018)
Fast shipping.Review by Oldhcdude
Overall Rating
I got 520 pieces. all but 2 had a LC head stamp. Out of the 520. 517 where usable. One was crushed, one had a pebble inside and one was berdan primed. Over all I'm happy with my purchase. (Posted on 1/12/2018)
FantasticReview by Mike
Overall Rating
Shipping was fast, even though the weather was bad( irma ).most brass were lc 11 , 26 were lc 10. Recieved 520 altogether, 2 were damaged. I will buy again. (Posted on 9/18/2017)
Fantastic Review by Casey
Overall Rating
Ordered over a holiday weekend and they arrived very quickly. I only found 2 that couldn't be used. All of the brass was LC. I will be a return customer. (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Excellent BrassReview by Glenn T
Overall Rating
Most of it was from Lake City. About 20 pieces was WCC. All of it was in excellent condition, boxer primers and cleaned up like new brass. Had one piece that crimped at the mouth but enough extra's to more than make up for it. Everglades is an excellent business. They also ship fast and their packaging is excellent. I plan on doing more business with them. (Posted on 5/28/2017)
affordable ammoReview by spacecookie
Overall Rating
shipping was quick ! package arrived very well done !! upon opening i found 505 308 brass ! brass looks awesome as every order has !!!! i cant stress enough about everglades and their top notch service for me !!

thank you everglades
wayne (Posted on 5/6/2017)
greatReview by tom
Overall Rating
I ordered this on Friday and got it lunch time Monday,that is fast shipping
the-order was very good all usable brass
im so happy im ordering another 1000 of the new pulled primed brass
if it looks like this batch of once fired i will be very happy
thank you everglades ammo im telling all my reloading friends your the best
(Posted on 5/1/2017)
Top shelf brass at twist cap prices. Review by Gady
Overall Rating
Brass was super clean and in near excellent condition. Delivery is ridiculously fast and there is unparalleled communication. I hope this company stays humble because they will have a lifelong customer here for as long as they do. No reason to buy anywhere else (on every level) when it comes to brass. I hope to take a day off and drive to the shop some time soon. (Posted on 4/2/2017)
great brassReview by jr
Overall Rating
received brass promptly, well packaged. clean, few dents, nothing unacceptable with bulk brass. (Posted on 1/31/2017)
PositiveReview by Billbrad
Overall Rating
Great service and just as described (Posted on 12/17/2016)

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