4mm Bead Ceramic Polishing Tumbling Media for Brass

Ceramic Polishing Tumbling Media for Brass - 4mm Beads

**Lightly used.  Less than 5 hours of run time. 

Has been washed and screened but may contain a
small amount of debris.

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4mm ceramic polishing beads. Great for cleaning and polishing brass. Brand new. Works very well for straight wall cases. Use these in your tumbler with soap and water for a brilliant shine.

You can see ceramic media in action in this video. Tumbler Video

Please note that the media in the video may not be the same size as the media being sold. Make sure the size is correct for your application.


Customer Reviews (4)

Works Great ButReview by cornwellkidd
Overall Rating
It works great for handgun brass But don't use on .223 or 222 rifle brass it gets stuck in case and will not come out. I worked for hours getting it out of most of the brass. I had to cut 46 cases apart out of 250 I put cases back in tumbler for 2 hrs to get it out of cases but on 46 the only way to get it out was with a tubing cutter and cut in half. I used a ice pick on some but 46 could not get out.. (Posted on 7/15/2018)
Very goodReview by Nick
Overall Rating
Works very well, brass looks new after about 2 hours of tumbling. (Posted on 2/26/2018)
Best YetReview by Gerald L.
Overall Rating
This works better than Nevr Dull, and without all the WORK. Just another GREAT product from EVERGLADES. THANK YOU (Posted on 7/9/2016)
Shines Like NewReview by Deerswamp
Overall Rating
Tried these on some 38 special that were muddy and look like they had been laying there several months, they were mostly black inside and out. Used dawn dish detergent and Lemi Shine about a tea spoon each. After 4 hours they look like new inside and out. Then I tried it on 308 win. cases, had about a hundred that were fresh from the range. Used about twice the detergent and Lemi Shine. After 3 hours checked them and the inside were not shiny yet so I left them in for another 2 hours. they came out looking new. Had five shells that the beads were stuck inside so I put just the 5 shells back in the vibrate tumbler and all the beads broke lose in about 3 minutes. I used a dehydrator to dry the shells takes about 20 minutes or less. (Posted on 6/2/2015)

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