5.56 Primed Demil Brass

Unfired and in excellent condition, 
pulled from loaded ammunition. 

All brass checked had LC headstamps, other headstamps may be present.

Contains live primers.

Please note: As this brass contains live primers 
we cannot offer free shipping and orders must 
be shipped via FedEx.

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Unfired and in excellent condition, 
pulled from loaded ammunition. 

Contains live primers.


Customer Reviews (2)

Dirty case bodies from asphalted necks, 4.6% Split necks or damaged mouthsReview by Andrew065
Overall Rating
Okay, Resized and cleaned (by hand with mineral spirits on a rag) my order of 1000.

Here are the numbers:

n= 1007
damaged as to be not useable=46
total useable= 961

All were LC, mostly LC 16, some LC15, vast majority have standard ring crimped primers, at least one had 4 point staked primer crimp ( as in M855A1 ammo)

I measured 100 cases and all were within SAAMI cartridge "headspace parameters. All have asphalt sealant in the necks.

I resized all of them with the expanded plug emoved (otherwise you will foul your die and possibly mess up brass). It is annealed and not fired, so seating a bullet will be no problem once I chamfer the mouth.

I loaded 20 of them with a standard load of IMR 8208 and 55 and Varget and 75 grain Hornady match bullets. Fired slow fire prone ( sling and no support, NRA/CMP high power style) at 200 yards, all fired just fine. Groups were within expected size- sub MOA. Brass showed no issues upon firing and function in my NM AR15A4 was perfect.

Hopefully I will see 4-8 reloads as I normally get from LC once fired brass.

The neck splits were caused by the pull down process itself as they were short. I probably could load up the damaged cases for blaster carbine fun and then toss, but I generally don't mess with any damaged cases.

I rated these as 5 stars because with demil/pull down components you expect some issues and certainly not pristine shiny sparkling new stuff. The extra work effort is a given. For 11 cents per for LC brass and a live primer, this will be reordered soonest! (Posted on 8/11/2019)
So far, so good!Review by Andrew065
Overall Rating
Just received my order of 1k of these primed pull-down brass. Looked at the first bag of 500, found two with split necks, some have slight dents on the mouth, all are LC16. A few had minor dings on the shoulder.

Overall impression is good. Will run them through a neck die and load to see if there are any inherent issues(there is a reason they were pulled...). Will update my review then. Gave 4 stars based on overall condition and value. (Posted on 7/30/2019)

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