308 (7.62 x 51mm) - Primed Demil Brass

308 (7.62x51mm) Boxer primed, demil brass.

Unfired and in excellent condition,
pulled from loaded ammunition. 
All headstamps examined were Lake City and
are stamped 2014 and 2015. 

Please note: As this brass contains live primers
we cannot offer free shipping and orders must
be shipped via FedEx.

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308 (7.62x51mm) Boxer primed, demil brass. 

Unfired and in excellent condition, pulled from loaded ammunition. 
All headstamps examined were Lake City and are stamped 2014 and 2015. 

Please note: As this brass contains live primers we cannot offer free shipping and orders must 
be shipped via FedEx.


Customer Reviews (12)

Superior service and product!Review by Catdaddy
Overall Rating
These guys are breaking their balls to deliver the goods and I can't say thank you enough. Just scored 1000 brass in a single big fecking bag and couldn't be happier. Outstanding condition and acceptable shipping time due to "the Rona". Keep up the good work! 10 big ass stars!!!!!! (Posted on 4/24/2020)
Outstanding!!!Review by Catdaddy
Overall Rating
Super fast shipping! This brass looks perfect and will save me "loads" of time!
Thanks again for an outstanding product !!! (Posted on 10/8/2019)
Update on my 2-17-2019 reviewReview by USIRON
Overall Rating
I have procured a case gage since my last review and have NOT found a bad case in the lot I received.(500 rounds maybe just lucky) I address the sealer by chucking in a bronze 30cal cleaning brush in my battery powered drill. 2-3 seconds in the neck, a tap on a white piece of copy paper on the table to check for left over powder and I have observed NO issues. Fired 2 strings of 15 rounds at a club fun match Monday and FPS diff for 30 rounds was 28 FPS. Until I have a problem I will purchase again. (Posted on 5/29/2019)
Not A Good DealReview by Not Real Happy
Overall Rating
If you buy cases with primers in place then you will not be able to clean them and spend money for shipping. The sealer that military uses to seal the neck holds small amount of old powder ,so its best to size all cases to ensure arcuate bullet depth. %20 of cases have a problem at the base (out of round so they won't fit a Wilson cartage gage). After working my last 1000 rds. of unprocessed brass from E. that where shot thru a machinegun with improper head space .,even with a RCBS full length die I had to remill the bases by chucking them up in a drill and with a file undersize the base round to fit. Same with these brass on the base . It wasn't the best buy having to work all this brass and all so have to pay shipping The prices are good, shipping is fast BUT buy their reworked brass and save the headache. *** Everglades Ammo Note *** - We checked 50 cases with a LE Wilson gauge. All fit in to the gauge backwards at least 3/8"-1/2". All gauged in the LE Wilson gauge without resizing. If you have further info, please email to us. (Posted on 4/20/2019)
Looks great, loads good, shoots better. I will buy more.Review by Pop
Overall Rating
Looks great, loads good, shoots better. Quicker loading time. I will buy more. (Posted on 4/19/2019)
Time and $$ saverReview by USIRON
Overall Rating
I purchased 500 of these cases and 500 168 gr HPBT match bullets.. They arrived well packaged in zip lock bags wrapped with shrink wrap .VERY fast shipping (only had to go coast to coast Florida. Checked 40 cases with caliper and they all matched German MAN factory M80 ammo I have been shooting. Loaded the 40 rounds with 41 gr IMR 3031 and 168 HPBT match bullets from Everglades and off to the range. 200yd M1A iron sites, from the bench no sand bags put 10 of 20 shots in the 10 ring (500 yd repair center) 4 Xs. Couldn't see my shots well to adj sites because it was late in the day and loosing light. None of the cases I received had any damage and they were stamped LC 16-17 or 18. These seem to be VERY sturdy cases. My gun sometimes causes a dent half way down the case after ejecting on the MAN and CBC ammo. All 40 LC rounds fired had no damage or dents. Time and $$ saver buying these primed shells, Great bang for the buck (pun intended) I will purchase again. (Posted on 2/17/2019)
Awesome Review by tom
Overall Rating
I fired all 1000 from my first order and didn’t have any problem with them so I reordered.
Thanks Everglades for fast shipping.
I tell everyone at the range about y’all. (Posted on 2/6/2019)
Overall Rating
great brassReview by swest
Overall Rating
I bought 500 rounds. Checked them at random with the case gauge, and they were GTG. Being primed and sized correctly, they loaded and shot just fine in my semi auto. I rejected 2 of those sent. After shooting them, I deprimed, resized, swaged, case trimmed, and reloaded. At this point I rejected one of the original cases because it was Berdan primed. Great brass. So out of the 500+, I ended up tossing 3 of them. I would buy again without reservation. (Posted on 8/3/2017)
great dealReview by tom
Overall Rating
I fired 150 of them this weekend with no problem
i found about 5 with bad necks as i sorted and inspected the 150 rounds
everglades ammo shipped extra brass with the last order i received and i'm
sure they packaged extra with this order too that covers a few bad ones
I would order this again
everglades packages their brass very good and ships fast
thank you (Posted on 5/8/2017)
Happy customerReview by Just me
Overall Rating
I received my order of 500 cases today, all in all, pretty good. There were actually 503 cases. They came in two Ziploc bags, in a box, I don't know how or why, but both bags were sliced,not torn, but sliced, cases everywhere. They were all LC, mostly 2014. Out of the 503 cases, 483 were good to go, 8 , I think I can fix and 12 are scrap. Not a bad ratio,
I've bought range brass that was much worse(not from everglades). So far, everything that I have bought from everglades, I'm very happy with. I will continue to buy from them.
(Posted on 5/2/2017)
Good ValueReview by Viking
Overall Rating
I purchased 1000 of these cases. It arrived well packaged in zip lock bags wrapped with shrink wrap. For the most part I am very happy with this brass. I've loaded 500 so far. I have had to cull 17 cases of this first 500. all due to split or damaged necks. We'll see how the next 500 turn out. (Posted on 12/15/2016)

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