9mm 147gr JHP Bullets

9mm 147gr JHP Bullets. True jacketed bullets not plated. Made in the USA.

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Not Loaded Ammunition.

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9mm 147gr JHP Bullets, .355 diameter. True jacketed bullets not plated. Made in the USA.


Customer Reviews (26)

Anytone have a COAL that works for themReview by Love them 147gn HP's
Overall Rating
Love these bullets, but hard to find any reloading data on them. Wish this site had load data on these bullets. (Posted on 2/2/2020)
Good for practice or defenseReview by Mark
Overall Rating
Well made and well designed bullets suitable for practice or self defense. (Posted on 12/29/2019)
Nice stuff!Review by Gary
Overall Rating
These were fairly priced and very nice quality. I have no ballistics tests on gel to tell you how well the stopping power of these is, but at first glance, they appear pretty promising. Definitely better then other companies "plated HP" ammo, and priced the same. As others have stated, the weight differs on each round about .03, so I would not call this match grade unless you want to take the time to sort them all by weight, but shooting out of my Glock or my Scorpion, these will work perfectly at close range as self defense rounds. I'll be back for more. (Posted on 9/3/2019)
9mm 147 gr. JHPReview by Shawn
Overall Rating
Bought 3,000 bullets. Loaded up with titegroup. Shot through M11/9 and M-16 9mm upper suppressed. Was very impressed with bullets. Functioned perfectly in both. No failure to feed. 100% perfect. Thanks for having an excellent product at a good price. Will purchase more in the near future. :-) (Posted on 7/29/2019)
9MM 147gn. JHP BulletsReview by Terry
Overall Rating
Great bullet, I like a heavy round for carry and these really fit the bill. I ordered and loaded 100 rds. and couldn't be happier with the way they feed in all of my carry guns. I will be ordering more. By the way, Everglades has the fastest shipping and best prices I have found. (Posted on 7/25/2019)
Great Loading And AccurracyReview by NetRanger
Overall Rating
I'm into my second order of 1000 of these. Using them for bowling pin matches. I like the slightly smaller base that allows for easy seating into the casing. Very accurate using 4.4g of Unique and seated to maximum length for the magazine in my M&P 2.0 9mm. ...and they really knock the pins! (Posted on 4/21/2019)
These are great!Review by Don_Swazy
Overall Rating
These are great with CFE pistol and Titegroup among others. The base of the projectile is slightly more narrow, similar to somewhat of a tiny unobtrusive boat tail, which makes these very easy to start in the case. I highly recommend. (Posted on 1/21/2019)
Shoot good butReview by Mossy Oak
Overall Rating
I loaded these with 6 grains of blue dot. They grouped very well from my Ruger carbine. Bullets expanded well shooting into wild gords but the jackets were separating from the core I will still buy more because they do shoot nice and the price is right (Posted on 11/19/2018)
Beautiful all purpose bulletReview by E
Overall Rating
Bought 500 and matched them with Everglades 9mm brass with 5 grains of Power Pistol. Came out beautifully and they even threw in a few extra bullets. Shot well out of a Berretta and Glock 19 & 26. Will definitely be buying more. Great home defense round/practice. Very low recoil even out of the G26. Everglades is the best all around manufacturer (Posted on 10/14/2017)
147 jhpReview by Kkai
Overall Rating
love these rounds feed well and very accurate! easy to load (Posted on 8/29/2017)
shoots wellReview by judgecrater
Overall Rating
I have loaded and shot about 60, half with AutoComp and half with CFE Pistol. Even at max recommended load the ammo was soft shooting from my G17. Accuracy was good. Very pleased. Everglades ships quickly. (Posted on 8/27/2017)
Great carbine bulletsReview by se3388
Overall Rating
These feed and shoot great in my RRA 9mm Carbine so good that they are all I load for it now. I will definitely be ordering more and stocking up on a few thousand. (Posted on 6/9/2017)
9mm 147 gr JHPReview by Carl J
Overall Rating
Super fast and efficient shipping. Measured a sample batch of 20 and found consistent weights within +/- .1 grain. Will be loading a test batch to work up my load recipe to test out this weekend. (Posted on 5/2/2017)
My Favorite 147gr PillReview by Heavy10mm
Overall Rating
I don't shoot as much 147gr as I'd like, but when I do, these are my go-to. I've bought 5-600 of these and they load, feed, and shoot great. I wouldn't bother with any other pill from any other company (Posted on 4/28/2017)
Works well with 357 sigReview by brad
Overall Rating
This will be my second order. I have to press these bullets a little deeper than a 9mm to work with 357 sig shell, but with a recessed area at the base there is no need to expand the top of the shell, so the short shoulder holds the bullets well and shoots great. (Posted on 12/9/2016)
9mm 147gr JHP BulletsReview by Wolfkin
Overall Rating
Better and cheaper than others. (Posted on 11/21/2016)
Shoots greatReview by Steven
Overall Rating
I ordered 500 of these for use in my AR Carbine which it shoots great in as well as my High Power. I plan on ordering more. I just placed an order for 3500 rounds in various other calibers to restock my reloading bench. This Everglades Ammo is the greatest place to buy ammo related items, packaging is top notch as well as all the products I have received so far.

(Posted on 10/16/2016)
GREAT 147 JHP Review by MIKY
Overall Rating
SMOOTH LOADING BULLET. Some jhp bullets have trouble in my star super and my berretta 92 s these because of there semi pointed tip load excellent. Both guns have trouble with most mfg. bullets unless fmj. These bullets remind me of Winchester ranger jhp very high quality bullet for 18 dollars a 100 and free shipping BEST DEAL AROUND AND I LOAD A BUNCH OF 9MM. GET THEM NOW THE ELECTION IS COMING REMEMBER LAST TIME!! (Posted on 10/15/2016)
new customerReview by jeff
Overall Rating
Just received my first order. To be honest, a little Leary at first but Everglades came thru in my opinion. Excellent shipping speed and the product is spot on! Reloading at less than half the cost of buying ammo. Plus throw in the being able to customize for your particular firearm is a bonus. Thank Everglades. You will be hearing from me again!!! (Posted on 9/29/2016)
second order great - as expected!Review by Anthony
Overall Rating
Received my second order in this wt. 147 gr jhp. I was surprised at how accurate these can be hand loaded to be. My 9mm handloading now consists solely of their 124 and 147 jhps, and I am leaning towards the 147's now. Great shipping time as usual - Everglades sets the standard there! (Posted on 9/16/2016)

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