Do you sell ammunition in bulk for law enforcement or commercial business?
No, this is not something that we currently do.
Ammunition Shipping and Ammunition Shipping Restrictions
All ammunition is shipped FedEx Ground with a signature requirement.
What is "Major" or "Major PF" Ammunition?
Major power factor ammunition, also known as "major PF" or simply "major," is a type of ammunition used in competitive shooting.
What type of equipment do you use to load your ammunition?
We use Ammoload and Camdex equipment to perform case processing and ammunition loading. These machines are a step above home reloading equipment in speed, quality, consistency and cost. This enables us to produce very high quality and consistent ammunition...
What type of components do you use to make your ammo?
We use only high-quality components in our ammunition.
Our philosophy is to choose our components based on quality, not the lowest price. This philosophy, combined with rigorous testing at the range and constant QC during manufacturing, allows us...
How do you process brass for use in your remanufactured ammunition?
All brass is machine and hand sorted. It is then cleaned using a combination of polishes and media designed specifically for ammunition brass.

All brass used in our remanufactured ammunition is processed on commercial machinery that inspects ...
What type of guns do you use to test your ammunition?
9mm: We use a Glock 17 and Glock 34 to test our 9mm ammunition.
All 9mm loads are developed to 132 power factor out of our Glock 17.

40 and 45: This ammunition is typically tested in Glock and 1911 based...
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