Why was my credit card declined?

This error means that your credit card was declined for some reason. We are not provided with details as to why the charge was declined. Typically, this is for one of three reasons: 1) A temporary outage at your credit card company or our processor. We are receiving orders successfully from other customers so I don't believe this is the issue. 2) Information from your card or billing address was not entered incorrectly. 3) Your credit card issuer has declined the transaction for some other reason. This is not an uncommon occurrence these days. Please call your card issuer and they should be able to look at the details of the transaction and tell you exactly why the decline occurred. They can also often fix the problem so a future purchase attempt is successful. Please check these items and try again. Multiple attempts in a row without checking these items or giving it a few minutes in the case of a temporary outage will not solve the problem.
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