Reloading Components

How can I process military brass?
Click Read More for instructions on how we recommend you process and prepare our military brass.
Where do you source your brass?
Most brass is acquired from private, public and law enforcement ranges.
Do you sort brass by headstamp?
Some brass is sorted by headstamp and/or primer pocket size.  This will be clearly stated in the product description. Otherwise, please assume brass is random mixed headstamp governed by incoming brass supply.  
How do you clean your range and military brass?
Most brass is cleaned in commercial vibratory machinery with non-abrasive ceramic media and brass-safe water and soap solution. 

This process leaves a very clean, dust free product that is great for loading. 
Some small batch brass...
What are pulled bullets?
Pulled bullets are bullets that have been loaded in to a case and then removed.

Because they are not ‘new’, we can offer them at a discounted price. We purchase bullets from companies that specialize in this procedure. Additionally, we always...
What does the Bullet Version mean?
The versioned bullets are a way for us to differentiate bullets with similar characteristics. ​ For example, a 223 55gr FMJ. We often have two or three types of this bullets available. Even though the main description is the same, each version ...
What is "Processed" Brass?
Processed brass refers to brass cartridge cases that have been cleaned, resized, and may have had the...
What is a "Match" bullet?
A "match" quality bullet is a type of high-precision bullet that is specifically designed for use in...
What do the abbreviations on your bullet product titles mean?
Click Read More for our list of bullet abbreviations and their descriptions
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